VENDETTA GAMES New Behind The Scenes Video & Kickstarter Update

We have two behind the scenes videos from the set of VENDETTA GAMES to share with our fans. The first (which was previously released) is from the two nights when we shot the opening scene this past summer. The second all new video is from the DEA office scenes that were shot earlier this month. See them below:

We have started making orders for the official movie poster and T-shirt rewards for the Kickstarter campaign. Should we meet our minimum goal once the campaign ends, we will survey all the backers who requested these rewards to make sure we get the right sizes for the shirts and other information pertaining to the rewards.

With Thanksgiving coming up, this will be our final campaign update until the deadline on Nov. 29 at midnight (5 DAYS FROM NOW). We continue to thank everyone who has supported the movie up until this point and we hope you can continue to support by helping us raise the remaining $329 we need to meet our minimum goal. This movie means so much to the entire cast and crew as you will see in our behind the scenes videos and previous interviews. Your pledges, link shares, and other means to build word of mouth only get us one step closer to achieving success for the project as a whole.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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