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Out, Going Short Film Trailer

Last November, I had the opportunity to be brought on board this brand new independent short film entitled “Out, Going” from Paper Boy Pictures. The film’s writer/producer, Carter Unger, and I had worked briefly together on another film and he brought me on the project as the First Assistant Director. The film, which is directed by Aleksey Reznikov, tells the tale of the New York City nightlife and the “young hipsters who seek to harness the chaos and glitter of the city’s tawdry underworld to make it in the world of show business.” Out, Going features a cast of incredibly talented actors who could well be the stars of tomorrow and the crew was absolutely fantastic. Enjoy the trailer posted below and for updates on future film festival screenings of Out, Going, visit the Paperboy Pictures blog page.

Darkside of Martha "Lap Dance" Music Video Behind the Scenes Pics

The official still pics of the Darkside of Martha’s upcoming music video, “Lap Dance”, which will be featured on the soundtrack for Dishonorable Vendetta! Special thanks to Speed for his wonderful contribution to the project! To listen to music tracks from the Darkside of Martha courtesy of Cool Multimedia Inc., visit