Watch the New Perspectives Interview with Andre Joseph & Lisa Regina discussing DISMISSAL TIME

If you missed it last night, you can now watch Andre Joseph’s interview on RVN TV’s New Perspectives along side lead actress Lisa Regina discussing the short film DISMISSAL TIME. Thank you Barry Lefkowitz for this opportunity. Watch the full interview on demand right now at the following link:


DISMISSAL TIME: The Cast Roundtable

The cast and writer/director of the upcoming AJ Epyx Productions short film DISMISSAL TIME held a roundtable discussion after rehearsal to talk about how they got involved with the project, thoughts on their characters, and what they hope to achieve through telling this story. With production only 2 weeks away, you can help us ensure a quality production by making a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, by visiting the following link:

‘Like’ us on Facebook @ajepyxdismissaltime

Also, please check out and support actress Lisa Regina’s A WRITE TO HEAL, a non-profit with the mission to raise awareness and provide support to anyone dealing with issues surrounding domestic violence:

DISMISSAL TIME Short Film Cast Announcement

I’m so excited to be announcing this highly talented group of actors who will be taking part in this very important story that is DISMISSAL TIME. Loosely inspired by true events, DISMISSAL TIME is about a history teacher in a prestigious prep school who makes it her mission to find out the truth behind a vicious cyberbullying incident involving a lone black student in her class. The cast includes Lisa Regina (PRICELESS), Troy Sill, Jay Pastelak, Kat Walsh Oliver Feaster, Kayla Minore, Sarah Dolhansky, Isaiah Faircloth, Denise Spaulding, Dave Goodman, and special appearance by Chris Corulla Jr. (VENDETTA GAMES).

Production to begin this October in locations around South Jersey and Philadelphia.

Visit our project page at our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas for more info on how to support:

DISMISSAL TIME is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Fractured Atlas will receive grants for the charitable purposes of DISMISSAL TIME, provide oversight to ensure that grant funds are used in accordance with grant agreements, and provide reports as required by the grantor. Contributions for the charitable purposes of DISMISSAL TIME must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Casting for New Pandemic-Themed Music Video

Now casting for a brand new, pandemic-themed music video project for award-winning New Jersey musician Milan Lazistan. This project is fully social distanced. We are seeking to fill the following roles:

ANGELINA – Female, late 20s – early 40s. Attractive city nurse. Very athletic. Full of life, but very vulnerable in dark moments. Actresses must have access to a smart phone. Applicants with guitar playing skills will be seriously considered, but not mandatory.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF – Open to any gender, 40 and up. All business and world-weary. Actors must have access to a computer with built-in camera and Zoom installed.

To submit with headshots, acting reels, and to get more specific details on production, please contact me at Deadline for submissions is Friday, February 26.

André Joseph Interview on Wine Down Wednesdays with Lisa Regina

AJ Epyx’s own André Joseph was recently interviewed by actress/acting coach Lisa Regina on her new Facebook series, Wine Down Wednesdays. Discussion topics on this casual, virtual sit-down included memories about working together on our first feature film Priceless, Andre’s later productions including The Saxophonist, Vendetta Games, and the upcoming American Gunslingers, and discussions about life in the current pandemic. Check out the interview below and stay tuned for more:

For more information about Lisa and her acting classes, visit her website at

VENDETTA GAMES Cast Interview on Inside Acting TV

Check out the first of three interviews that the cast of Vendetta Games did last weekend with William Powell of Inside Acting TV at the World Music and Independent Film Festival awards gala! We also briefly mention American Gunslingers towards the end. Our interview begins at the 19:35 mark.


Here’s the 2nd interview we did exclusively for WMIFF. It starts at 22:07:

Casting Call for the New Short Film, BORED OF EDUCATION

AJ Epyx Productions in collaboration with HamsterPellet Productions is now officially casting for the new short film project BORED OF EDUCATION. This is a satirical 12 Angry Men-style story about an honest teacher’s career on the line due to a student-related incident that puts the whole department of education in question of what is considered “ethical”. The film is written by Michael Schiavo and will be a co-directing collaboration between him and Andre´ Joseph. We are currently seeking NON-UNION actors for the following roles to cast:

U.F.T. Rep Schilling: She is in her Mid 30’s Confident in her abilities. She has been a U.F.T Rep for a while. She knows her job and enjoys sticking up for her union members.

Principal Knoll: She is older then Mr. Stonell and U.F.T Rep Schilling. She has been in the D.O.E for a while. She knows all the in’s and outs. She is black and she isn’t afraid to use the race card if she feels threatened. She is a friend with the Superintendent of the D.O.E so she feels she can act with impunity and not have to worry about the ramifications. Basically she is the definition of the word bitch.

Assistant Principal Reyes: She is Principal Knoll’s lackey. Principal Knoll covers up for Assistant Principal Reyes when she doesn’t do her job correctly. Or when Principal Knoll needs something done that is outside the lines of what is allowed. Assistant Principal Reyes feels that she has the same impunity as Principal Reyes.

Mediator: Could be male or female. This character is appointed by the city to handle cases were people inside the D.O.E are brought up on disciplinary charges where the person could lose their job. There is a lot of responsibility on this person’s shoulders.

Steve: A co-worker of Mr. Stonell’s it is at his retirement party that is brought into question during part of Mr. Stonell’s hearing.

Diana: A minor character who is going to start work at the school where Mr. Stonell works. They meet at Steve’s retirement party. She is a new teacher. Mr. Stonell gives her a heads up as to what it is like to work in that building.

Student: Male student in the 7th grade. This student can do what ever he wants in the school because he knows he can get away with it. Because the administration will sweep it under the rug.

Production will take place in September in locations around New York City. To submit all headshots, resumes, and reels and other inquiries about this project, please contact at

Now Casting Remaining Roles & Extras for THE SAXOPHONIST

With production of THE SAXOPHONIST only a few short weeks away, we are now seeking to fill the remaining roles and extras in the NYC area for the following dates of August 19, 20, and 27. So if you are a NON-UNION actor who would be interested, these are the dates and people we’re looking for:

Saturday, August 19 – Ballet Scene
Location – Manhattan, NY
Shoot Times – 7am-6pm
Extras Needed: 12 people, preferably casual males and females age 30-65.

Sunday, August 20 – Jazz Performance

 Location – Manhattan, NY

Shoot Times – 7am-5pm
Remaining Role Needed:One actor or actress to play a server, preferably African-American.

Extras Needed: 10-12 people, males and females college age 21 to casual looking 50.


Sunday, August 27 – Cafe Scene
Location – Brooklyn, NY
Shoot Times – 10am-5pm.
Remaining Roles Needed: Beautiful Black or Hispanic Woman with a green dress in her 30s-40s, and a Preppy Male in his 40s.
Extras Needed: 10-12 people, casual looking couples in their 30s-50s.

Food will be provided on set and all actors will receive IMDB credit for their time. For additional details regarding the specific locations, times needed, wardrobe, etc., all inquiries can reach us at Please submit a headshot/picture and resume.

And lastly, we still need donations to help support the production. If you want to donate directly now by credit card, visit the NYFA donation page link. For personal check donations, all you have to do here is visit the SUPPORT section of The Saxophonist website for more info. All donations are 100% fully tax deductible due to our fiscal support from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Important Message About THE SAXOPHONIST Film Production

I want to take this time today to thank those of you who have supported us on this journey thus far as we are exactly 3 weeks away from the start of production on The Saxophonist. The cast (Beavin, Nadya, Michael, Ann, Zoiea, Ron’Netta, Jarrett, and Ronnie) and crew (Myself, Bill, Charlie, Joan, etc.) have devoted so much time working very hard in rehearsals and fundraising efforts to get this special short film off the ground. Even though we are getting closer to shooting, we are really just getting started on building the word of mouth.

For those of you who have been following our efforts and are still on the fence about donating to the production or sharing the links to potential contributors, let me explain why supporting this film will matter. Without your help, it will be extremely difficult to pay for specific location fees for the jazz club and ballet theater locations in Manhattan. It will also be difficult to have a sizable crew to ensure the professional quality that this movie cannot work without. Most importantly, we want the overall look and scope of the film to be as cinematic as possible while also providing a comfortable working environment that will ensure all actors and crew can do their absolute best work.

Then there’s the cultural relevance of the film. Jazz music is truly an American art form. The legends most associated with the genre were African-American musicians (i.e. Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, Coleman Hawkins, Miles Davis, etc.) who pushed the music and broke new ground for the generations that came after their time. They also made music that was socially relevant in each decade. I personally look at the sensitive times that we are living in today with Black Lives Matter and what is reflected in our films and TV shows that often focus on the pain and struggle of being black in America. Some are well made and have serious impact on viewers while others tend to be exploitative. With The Saxophonist, I truly want to make this particular film special by depicting more positive representations of African-Americans characters that young people can look up to and relate to their real world struggles for success in the big city. I plan to present it not only at film festivals such as ABFF and Urbanworld, but also to schools for prospective students of the arts.

This is my seventh film project since earning my BA in Film: Media Production at Emerson College in 2006. Of any project I have ever worked on, this is the most personal story that I want to share to the world, honor my family as well as the legendary musicians who inspired me to write this script.

Whether you can contribute a significant amount or simply a dollar to support our production, all you have to do here is visit the SUPPORT section of The Saxophonist website to learn how to make your donation with a credit card or check. All donations are 100% fully tax deductible due to our fiscal support from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Please note that NYFA is not funding this project; however, their support allows us to raise funds using their tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3)-classified organization. If you want to donate directly now, visit the NYFA donation page link. We also have a Kickstarter campaign with 16 days left to raise half our budget if you are interested in obtaining rewards for your contribution.

Every little bit of support will be one step towards a great movie. I hope you can help us make this big dream of mine a reality. Thank you.


Andre´ Joseph

Writer/Director of The Saxophonist


RIP Christina Wood

I was saddened to learn the news this morning on Facebook when I heard about the passing of my friend and actress Christina Wood. Christina had a long fighting battle with leukemia and as of yesterday, she was taken off life support. Though we never met in person, Christina was a big part of the community of Long Island-based actors and filmmakers that I was well acquainted with. I had seen her work in the Left of Center Films projects of TEN QUESTIONS and MIRROR IMAGE at film festivals and I was often told my her co-workers how much of a professional she was on set.

Christina and I had connected on Facebook a few years back. She would often reply to my posts sometimes with inspiring advice and also gave me positive feedback on some of my projects. We had spoken a few times about working together and I had written scripts with major roles in mind for her. While I’m saddened to not have that opportunity to work with her, I am still very grateful for the brief time I knew her. Not only was she a talented actress and singer but she was also a hard working school teacher with a master’s degree in Special Education.

Heaven took Christina way too soon. But for the short time she had on this earth, it should put a smile to everyone’s face to know that she was able to live her dream before it was time to be called home. My heart goes out to her friends and family at this difficult time.