Last 4 Days to Contribute to AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS at Seed&Spark

We are now down to the last 5 days of this Seed&Spark campaign for the American Gunslingers production and I’m going to be perfectly honest with each of you. We currently stand at 5% with every contribution we’ve received since the campaign started in March. But for us to receive all funds, we have to be at least 80%. So this is not like Indiegogo where we keep what we get. It’s all or nothing now.

As I mentioned several weeks ago as my team and I discussed a change in direction from feature film to episodic series, we were conflicted as to whether or not to continue the campaign due to the coronavirus pandemic which has everyone in the world on edge. But Emily Best and the team at Seed&Spark made an important rallying cry for all artists to not give up in such a grim time and that is what had convinced me to push forward.

The reality is our chances of making 80% of our goal are getting slimmer by the hours unless we get a miracle of big contributors to push us over. Given the 3 years we’ve been push this project, however, we are working in a sprint and not a marathon. So in the event that we fall short by the end of this campaign, we will arrange a way (likely PayPal) for you to re-send your contributions if you wish to do so and we will absolutely honor all incentives as promised. But before that happens, let’s see if we can still get whatever momentum we have left through link shares and WishList loans. That’s all we can ask from everyone today.


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