How You Can Continue to Support AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS

I want to personally thank everyone who contributed, followed, or shared our campaign for American Gunslingers. As you can see, we fell short of the minimum goal. No one is as fault given the effect this current crisis has had on all our lives recently. This was never an easy journey to start and we won’t let this put a halt on our efforts.
We will continue to pursue the necessary funds through outside sources and continue to re-evaluate our plans going forward. If you would still like to contribute to the project directly outside Seed&Spark, we have a PayPal link which you can find on this website’s menu under “Support Future Film Projects”. Click on the menu icon on the upper right hand corner of this website and scroll down until you see the PayPal link. We will keep everyone updated on the project’s progress to ensure full transparency and that the funds will be used strictly for this project.
Lastly, all Seed&Spark contributors will be put in a special emailing list for all future updates. Please continue to follow us on Facebook.
…and the journey continues…
– Andre Joseph

Director & Producer, American Gunslingers


American Gunslingers: A New Western Series & What it Means to Me

I want to take this moment to talk personally to everyone who has been following the progress of our next film production American Gunslingers from the beginning. If you visit the crowdfunding campaign link at Seed&Spark, we have given potential backers a lot of insight about the story, the production, our team via Team Highlights, and why we need funds for the production. What I have rarely talked about is why this project is personal to me.
With every past project that I have completed, I am usually drawn to story elements that I can relate to in my life. Chris Corulla and I knew we wanted the basic premise to be about two brothers finding a treasure by following a map tattooed to their arms. But it was Drew Henriksen, our screenwriter, who came up with the backstories and found ways to make each character three-dimensional. What ultimately came out of his script that made it personal for me was how this story talks about depicts innocent children who are forced to grow up after tragedy, the life choices they make that set them on opposite paths, and how they are reunited to right the injustice of their past. There is no better way to tell this kind of story than in the old west where those themes and conflicts are directly in your face.
On a professional level, I have made several projects set in current times where I have had to work with the resources that I had available. After the success I enjoyed with my last feature film, Vendetta Games, as well as my award-winning short, The Saxophonist, I felt that I needed to push myself to another level. It could not be more of the same. There had to be a push to make something that forces me to be detail specific in all my artistic choices and elevate the quality of my work as a filmmaker. I believe a western gets me out of my comfort zone and there will be a great deal to learn from this experience not only as a filmmaker but also as a human being when the time comes to be away from city life to shoot this project out in natural locations.
No matter how this campaign pans out after Saturday morning, this journey will continue one way or another. I really hope each of you will continue to support the American Gunslingers team past these remaining 48 hours that we have left to reach 80% of the Seed&Spark goal. Thank you.
-Andre Joseph

Last 4 Days to Contribute to AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS at Seed&Spark

We are now down to the last 5 days of this Seed&Spark campaign for the American Gunslingers production and I’m going to be perfectly honest with each of you. We currently stand at 5% with every contribution we’ve received since the campaign started in March. But for us to receive all funds, we have to be at least 80%. So this is not like Indiegogo where we keep what we get. It’s all or nothing now.

As I mentioned several weeks ago as my team and I discussed a change in direction from feature film to episodic series, we were conflicted as to whether or not to continue the campaign due to the coronavirus pandemic which has everyone in the world on edge. But Emily Best and the team at Seed&Spark made an important rallying cry for all artists to not give up in such a grim time and that is what had convinced me to push forward.

The reality is our chances of making 80% of our goal are getting slimmer by the hours unless we get a miracle of big contributors to push us over. Given the 3 years we’ve been push this project, however, we are working in a sprint and not a marathon. So in the event that we fall short by the end of this campaign, we will arrange a way (likely PayPal) for you to re-send your contributions if you wish to do so and we will absolutely honor all incentives as promised. But before that happens, let’s see if we can still get whatever momentum we have left through link shares and WishList loans. That’s all we can ask from everyone today.