AJ Epyx Productions New Project Announcements for 2019

It has been an exciting seven months for us with the recent premieres for VENDETTA GAMES and THE SAXOPHONIST. I’m proud to say at this point that they are award winning films generating a positive response from audiences. While we prepare for upcoming film festival screenings (i.e. Action on Film Festival for VG and NY Jazz Film Festival for The Saxophonist) as well as pursuing worldwide distribution for both films, I’m here to announce the next exciting projects we are working on for this year and beyond.

We have 3 documentary film projects in the works:

  • One will be my long awaited project about the cultural shift in the dating scene between the Generation X and Millennial crowds.
  • The second will be a unique look on the health and fitness world which will go into production next month and will be a collaboration with my longtime pals Albert Albanese and Tomas Melendez.
  • The third project will be more of a historical documentary that will be announced on a later date.

In the fall season, we’ll be producing a new short film written by Michael Schiavo from the “Music at Midnight” music video called BORED OF EDUCATION. This is a satirical 12 Angry Men-style story about an honest teacher’s career on the line due to a student-related incident that puts the whole department of education in question of what is considered “ethical”. This film will start casting later this summer.

Lastly, we will be aiming for summer 2019 to make our most ambitious project to date: AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. The feature length action-packed western will be directed by yours truly with a screenplay by Drew Henriksen, best known as “Talbot” in VENDETTA GAMES and also the award winning screenwriter of the western short, POWER OF PRAYER. It follows two brothers reuniting in the late 1800s to search for their father’s buried treasure while on the run from a corrupt town Marshall and his vicious bounty hunters. The screenplay has recently been accepted for competition into next year’s World Music & Independent Film Festival as well as the All Genre Screenplay Contest which has now made the screenplay available to order via Dizzy Emu Publishing in paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon.

For the latter competition, we need your support as the overall contest winner is the writer of the top-selling screenplay in each three month contest period. These writers receive a full Publish & Marketing package from Dizzy Emu Publishing, worth $499.00 – this includes building us a website and making a video trailer to help us promote the screenplay. All entrants in the contest receive their royalties in full, directly from Amazon. We also retain full control of their screenplay’s rights and pricing. All proceeds will go directly into the production of this film.

AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS is currently casting and in pre-production. Further details about the production and investor opportunities will be available in the coming months. Please contact me directly for a prospectus.

AG Teaser

We will still be producing music videos, promos, and short skits for the internet all throughout the year. It may appear like a very ambitious slate, but we are the cool cats that make it happen!

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