THE SAXOPHONIST at the Nisville Movie Summit on August 11

If you happen to be in Serbia, THE SAXOPHONIST will be screening on Saturday, August 11 as part of the Nisville Movie Summit in the same screening block as Don Cheadle’s MILES AHEAD! While we can’t attend in person, we will be there in spirit! Please send any pictures and feedback to us if you happen to be there!

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THE SAXOPHONIST Available on NYJFF Facebook Page for a Limited Time

The 2018 New York Jazz Film Festival is presenting all Official Selections, including THE SAXOPHONIST, free online at their Facebook page from July 20 thru August 31. See the trailer for the festival below and click this link to watch the full film! If you like what you see, please write up a review on our IMDB and Facebook pages!

The New York Jazz Film Festival will announce the award winners for each film on August 1. The Award Ceremony to be held in New York City on August 26, 2018 (Location TBA by August 1, 2018), This is a Red Carpet Event where clips of films will be shown for both Winners and certain Official Selections.

THE SAXOPHONIST Accepted into the 2018 Newark International Film Festival

We’re ecstatic to announce our latest film festival acceptance for THE SAXOPHONIST as it is now an official selection for 2018 Newark International Film Festival sponsored by Panasonic! The festival will take place over the weekend of September 6-9th with screening date and locations to be announced at a later date. Please download the NewarkIFF app for information about the festival on the Google Play or iTunes stores and use the #NewarkIFF hashtag in your social media. More information about the festival can be found by visiting their website at
CONGRATULATIONS to our cast and crew!


How You Can Book a Screening of THE SAXOPHONIST

As we await many film festival acceptances and our upcoming screenings at the Nisville Movie Summit and the NY Jazz Film Festival, we are now accepting inquiries for THE SAXOPHONIST to be screened at your school or community event as well as a speaking engagement with the cast and crew this fall. We are more than willing to travel with this film in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) and abroad. All questions and inquiries can be sent to

THE SAXOPHONIST Short Film Trailer from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.


Casting Call for the New Short Film, BORED OF EDUCATION

AJ Epyx Productions in collaboration with HamsterPellet Productions is now officially casting for the new short film project BORED OF EDUCATION. This is a satirical 12 Angry Men-style story about an honest teacher’s career on the line due to a student-related incident that puts the whole department of education in question of what is considered “ethical”. The film is written by Michael Schiavo and will be a co-directing collaboration between him and Andre´ Joseph. We are currently seeking NON-UNION actors for the following roles to cast:

U.F.T. Rep Schilling: She is in her Mid 30’s Confident in her abilities. She has been a U.F.T Rep for a while. She knows her job and enjoys sticking up for her union members.

Principal Knoll: She is older then Mr. Stonell and U.F.T Rep Schilling. She has been in the D.O.E for a while. She knows all the in’s and outs. She is black and she isn’t afraid to use the race card if she feels threatened. She is a friend with the Superintendent of the D.O.E so she feels she can act with impunity and not have to worry about the ramifications. Basically she is the definition of the word bitch.

Assistant Principal Reyes: She is Principal Knoll’s lackey. Principal Knoll covers up for Assistant Principal Reyes when she doesn’t do her job correctly. Or when Principal Knoll needs something done that is outside the lines of what is allowed. Assistant Principal Reyes feels that she has the same impunity as Principal Reyes.

Mediator: Could be male or female. This character is appointed by the city to handle cases were people inside the D.O.E are brought up on disciplinary charges where the person could lose their job. There is a lot of responsibility on this person’s shoulders.

Steve: A co-worker of Mr. Stonell’s it is at his retirement party that is brought into question during part of Mr. Stonell’s hearing.

Diana: A minor character who is going to start work at the school where Mr. Stonell works. They meet at Steve’s retirement party. She is a new teacher. Mr. Stonell gives her a heads up as to what it is like to work in that building.

Student: Male student in the 7th grade. This student can do what ever he wants in the school because he knows he can get away with it. Because the administration will sweep it under the rug.

Production will take place in September in locations around New York City. To submit all headshots, resumes, and reels and other inquiries about this project, please contact at

THE SAXOPHONIST Accepted into the Nišville Movie Summit

We’re happy to announce our 2nd film festival acceptance for THE SAXOPHONIST as it will be part of the Nišville Movie Summit in Serbia on August 3, 2018! This event is part of famous Nišville Jazz Festival which was rated as one of best jazz festivals in a world according to British magazine The Guardian. Last 8 years within the festival was Nišville Movie stage that becomes Nišville Movie Summit this year. Through this summit, they want to fuse jazz music and movies.
More information about this fantastic event can be found on their official website and Facebook page. Congrats to all cast and crew!
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