Now Casting Remaining Roles & Extras for THE SAXOPHONIST

With production of THE SAXOPHONIST only a few short weeks away, we are now seeking to fill the remaining roles and extras in the NYC area for the following dates of August 19, 20, and 27. So if you are a NON-UNION actor who would be interested, these are the dates and people we’re looking for:

Saturday, August 19 – Ballet Scene
Location – Manhattan, NY
Shoot Times – 7am-6pm
Extras Needed: 12 people, preferably casual males and females age 30-65.

Sunday, August 20 – Jazz Performance

 Location – Manhattan, NY

Shoot Times – 7am-5pm
Remaining Role Needed:One actor or actress to play a server, preferably African-American.

Extras Needed: 10-12 people, males and females college age 21 to casual looking 50.


Sunday, August 27 – Cafe Scene
Location – Brooklyn, NY
Shoot Times – 10am-5pm.
Remaining Roles Needed: Beautiful Black or Hispanic Woman with a green dress in her 30s-40s, and a Preppy Male in his 40s.
Extras Needed: 10-12 people, casual looking couples in their 30s-50s.

Food will be provided on set and all actors will receive IMDB credit for their time. For additional details regarding the specific locations, times needed, wardrobe, etc., all inquiries can reach us at Please submit a headshot/picture and resume.

And lastly, we still need donations to help support the production. If you want to donate directly now by credit card, visit the NYFA donation page link. For personal check donations, all you have to do here is visit the SUPPORT section of The Saxophonist website for more info. All donations are 100% fully tax deductible due to our fiscal support from the New York Foundation for the Arts.


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