INSPIRE US Music Video Casting Gymnast

Seeking a professional gymnast to double for the main recording artist wearing a spacesuit for the sci-fi B-movie inspired music video ‘Inspire Us’ by Milan Lazistan. This video will be a one day production shot entirely on green screen at The Art Factory in Patterson, NJ. Video will be used for the promotion of Milan’s LP MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT and screen for film festivals. Click here to hear the song.

Casting date by July 13th.
Shooting date is July 16th.
Applicants must submit gymnastics video reel to


Casting for New Pandemic-Themed Music Video

Now casting for a brand new, pandemic-themed music video project for award-winning New Jersey musician Milan Lazistan. This project is fully social distanced. We are seeking to fill the following roles:

ANGELINA – Female, late 20s – early 40s. Attractive city nurse. Very athletic. Full of life, but very vulnerable in dark moments. Actresses must have access to a smart phone. Applicants with guitar playing skills will be seriously considered, but not mandatory.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF – Open to any gender, 40 and up. All business and world-weary. Actors must have access to a computer with built-in camera and Zoom installed.

To submit with headshots, acting reels, and to get more specific details on production, please contact me at Deadline for submissions is Friday, February 26.

Announcing CALCULATED EGOS Webseries Pilot Casting

This is a casting notice for the pilot to Source Life Entertainment and AJ Epyx Productions’ crime drama web series “Calculated Egos”. The story follows the father of a struggling black family in the early 1990s who takes an accounting job with the Italian mob only to discover that he’s in over his head. This pilot will be used to springboard future episodes in this multigenerational storyline. All interested inquiries can send their headshot, resume, and get more info by submitting to the casting call on Backstage. Please note your availability for the listed pre-production dates and timeframe between April-May 2020.



NOW CASTING: Milan’s “Sangria” Music Video

Attention actors! We are now casting “Sangria”, the latest music video of award-winning New Jersey musician Milan of Milan and the Sour Goat off his solo album, MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT. We previously produced the video for his self-titled track which has made various festivals including the Garden State Film Festival, Golden Door Film Festival, Wavestock, and various others.

This is a Latin/salsa-themed music video that calls for the following roles:

SHY GUY – Male, 20s. Introverted and highly sensitive. Dance background is a huge plus.

LATIN LADY – Hispanic female, 20s-40s. Incredibly attractive and her dancing is a whole other universe. Dance background is a must.
JOCK 1 – Male, 20s. College-bound athlete and clubgoer. Very shallow. Tattoos are a plus but not a requirement.
JOCK 2 – Male, 20s. College-bound athlete and clubgoer. Very shallow. Tattoos are a plus but not a requirement.

GYPSY BARTENDER – Hispanic female 30s-40s. Sexy but cool bartender. Sympathetic to the Shy Guy.

Production will take place at the Casa Nova Italian Restaurant in Staten Island, NY on Monday, July 15th at 1pm. For all serious inquiries to send headshots and resumes, please forward to

Casting Call for the New Short Film, BORED OF EDUCATION

AJ Epyx Productions in collaboration with HamsterPellet Productions is now officially casting for the new short film project BORED OF EDUCATION. This is a satirical 12 Angry Men-style story about an honest teacher’s career on the line due to a student-related incident that puts the whole department of education in question of what is considered “ethical”. The film is written by Michael Schiavo and will be a co-directing collaboration between him and Andre´ Joseph. We are currently seeking NON-UNION actors for the following roles to cast:

U.F.T. Rep Schilling: She is in her Mid 30’s Confident in her abilities. She has been a U.F.T Rep for a while. She knows her job and enjoys sticking up for her union members.

Principal Knoll: She is older then Mr. Stonell and U.F.T Rep Schilling. She has been in the D.O.E for a while. She knows all the in’s and outs. She is black and she isn’t afraid to use the race card if she feels threatened. She is a friend with the Superintendent of the D.O.E so she feels she can act with impunity and not have to worry about the ramifications. Basically she is the definition of the word bitch.

Assistant Principal Reyes: She is Principal Knoll’s lackey. Principal Knoll covers up for Assistant Principal Reyes when she doesn’t do her job correctly. Or when Principal Knoll needs something done that is outside the lines of what is allowed. Assistant Principal Reyes feels that she has the same impunity as Principal Reyes.

Mediator: Could be male or female. This character is appointed by the city to handle cases were people inside the D.O.E are brought up on disciplinary charges where the person could lose their job. There is a lot of responsibility on this person’s shoulders.

Steve: A co-worker of Mr. Stonell’s it is at his retirement party that is brought into question during part of Mr. Stonell’s hearing.

Diana: A minor character who is going to start work at the school where Mr. Stonell works. They meet at Steve’s retirement party. She is a new teacher. Mr. Stonell gives her a heads up as to what it is like to work in that building.

Student: Male student in the 7th grade. This student can do what ever he wants in the school because he knows he can get away with it. Because the administration will sweep it under the rug.

Production will take place in September in locations around New York City. To submit all headshots, resumes, and reels and other inquiries about this project, please contact at

Now Casting Remaining Roles & Extras for THE SAXOPHONIST

With production of THE SAXOPHONIST only a few short weeks away, we are now seeking to fill the remaining roles and extras in the NYC area for the following dates of August 19, 20, and 27. So if you are a NON-UNION actor who would be interested, these are the dates and people we’re looking for:

Saturday, August 19 – Ballet Scene
Location – Manhattan, NY
Shoot Times – 7am-6pm
Extras Needed: 12 people, preferably casual males and females age 30-65.

Sunday, August 20 – Jazz Performance

 Location – Manhattan, NY

Shoot Times – 7am-5pm
Remaining Role Needed:One actor or actress to play a server, preferably African-American.

Extras Needed: 10-12 people, males and females college age 21 to casual looking 50.


Sunday, August 27 – Cafe Scene
Location – Brooklyn, NY
Shoot Times – 10am-5pm.
Remaining Roles Needed: Beautiful Black or Hispanic Woman with a green dress in her 30s-40s, and a Preppy Male in his 40s.
Extras Needed: 10-12 people, casual looking couples in their 30s-50s.

Food will be provided on set and all actors will receive IMDB credit for their time. For additional details regarding the specific locations, times needed, wardrobe, etc., all inquiries can reach us at Please submit a headshot/picture and resume.

And lastly, we still need donations to help support the production. If you want to donate directly now by credit card, visit the NYFA donation page link. For personal check donations, all you have to do here is visit the SUPPORT section of The Saxophonist website for more info. All donations are 100% fully tax deductible due to our fiscal support from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

VENDETTA GAMES Kickstarter Update & Movie News

In the past three days since the launch, the VENDETTA GAMES Kickstarter campaign has raised $1,105! A huge special thanks to our first 4 backers! But we still have another $1,395 to raise in the next 28 days in order to reach our minimum goal. So we ask all of our supporters to please contribute what you can and/or share the Kickstarter link on all social media platforms and beyond:

Also on the Vendetta Games front, the 5th and latest edition of the Vendetta Games Diaries has been published thanks to my good friends at CosBlog. The new piece goes more in depth into the audition and casting process of the film! Read this and the past 4 editions of the diaries on CosBlog at your leisure!

Please don’t forget that this is happening next Saturday:


Actors Wanted for October Shooting Dates for VENDETTA GAMES

The feature film production of VENDETTA GAMES has shoot dates lined up for October in Staten Island, NY and are currently seeking roles on these following dates:

Sunday, Oct. 11 into Monday, October 12 (LATE NIGHT):
2 Biker Bouncers
Sexy Bartender
Bar Patrons

Monday, October 19:
2 Casino Security Henchmen (At least one must own a car for driving shots)

Saturday, October 24:
Hearing Room Clerk
1 to 2 Home Security Guards

Actors interested in any of these roles must be non-union and willing to travel to Staten Island on these dates. Please submit all info including headshot, resume, and any other relevant information to

VENDETTA GAMES Opening Scene is Here!

Here it is everyone! Introducing the opening sequence to VENDETTA GAMES! This is the only scene we have shot for the film as we are still trying to raise money for the remainder of production and post-production costs. If you like what you see and can help us continue our production, please contribute, like, or share our Indiegogo campaign link in these final 30 DAYS. Every penny will be spent on the screen as you can see from this scene and we can only get better!

Also if you’d like to join our production as an actor or part of the crew, please forward your info to

VENDETTA GAMES Opening Scene from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.

Casting Call for Action Sequence Shoot

AJ Epyx Productions will be filming the opening sequence to an upcoming feature length action film. The scenes will be shot on Staten Island, NY on Tuesday, May 12 and Thursday, May 14 with a 6pm call time. Actors will only be needed for May 14. Roles include the following:

– 1 Muscular Body Shop Mechanic Henchman (No ethic preference, 20-30 age range)

– 2 Henchmen Disguised as Colombian Missionaries (Hispanic, 20-40 age range)

This production will also need at least 2 Production Assistants and a freelance videographer to capture behind the scenes footage. Only compensation includes meals on set, travel receipt expenses, and completed copy of scene for reels. All inquiries can be sent to