AJ Epyx Productions announces the start of work on their newest feature film in nearly 5 years: VENDETTA GAMES. Written and directed by Andre´ Joseph, the film serves as a continuation of the story that began with DISHONORABLE VENDETTA as DEA Agents Keith Miller and Jason Stokes get involved with a major organized drug ring that puts their lives, careers, and their loved ones in serious jeopardy.


Production on the opening sequence began this past week in Staten Island, NY. Returning to the cast include Mr. Joseph as Stokes, Chris Corulla as Miller, J.R. Carter as Marks, and Drew Henriksen as Talbot. New additions to the cast include Matthew McCurdy, Emily De Villa, Christina Roman, Bryan Williams, Paul Wallace, Reginald L. Barnes, Eric Torres, Fernando Ramos, and many more soon to be announced.

In just a few weeks, we will be launching our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the rest of the production in late summer-early fall 2015. A pitch video will be rolled out first, followed by a completely edited version of the film’s opening sequence. Stay tuned right here for more updates over the course of the next few months.

All inquiries about joining our cast and crew as well as investment opportunities about this project can be sent to vendettagamesmovie@gmail.com.




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