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If you have XUMO, watch our award-winning feature VENDETTA GAMES today on the XUMO Action Channel 248 and Fuse Backstage Channel 282!


Please Support the GoFundMe Fundraiser for CALCULATED EGOS

We recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise production funds for the pilot episode of our upcoming crime drama web series, CALCULATED EGOS, a co-production of Source Life Entertainment. We are aiming to shoot around NYC this summer and need all the support possible to run a smooth and safe production for our cast and crew.

To contribute and see all the reward tiers, visit the GoFundMe campaign link here.

For the full background of the project, please check out our official website.

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See the new teaser trailer below as well as the pitch video:

Newly Updated Retailers to Order VENDETTA GAMES on DVD

More newly announced outlets where you can purchase our award-winning thriller VENDETTA GAMES:

Red Yeti Records

Family Video

Also available on DVD at Amazon and all Walmart and Target retailers. Available for streaming on Tubi, Xumo, FandangoNOW, and IMDbTV.

Watch the film that started it all DISHONORABLE VENDETTA at Vimeo on Demand!

New Projects from AJ Epyx Productions in 2021

After such a chaotic year with all productions at a standstill, we are now going to announce some new projects that we at AJ Epyx Productions are taking on in the coming new year:


A web series crime drama about a power struggle between two families.

CALCULATED EGOS follows a struggling Brooklyn warehouse worker named Melvin Mac, Jr. who is offered an important job opportunity by reputed Italian mob boss, Don Cesare Pachino. The wealth that the job provides for Mac’s wife and son also makes him a target for enemies working in the shadows. This results in a series of tragic events that will change both the Mac and Pachino family lives forever. The web series will be a 10-episode arc spanning three generations from the mid-1970s to the present day. We are proud to bring to life this gripping new project from award-winning film director, Andrè Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions, writer/producers Christopher Stewart and Minoj of Source Life Entertainment, and associate producer Sonia Ruiz. If you have any questions or comments, please check out our official website. Follow on Instagram @calculatedegos

See our pitch video interview below:


Congratulations! You have succeeded through the tedious task of making your first film. Now what do you do? How do you get your movie seen in front of an audience? The Indie Film Exhibition Masterclass will take you through the variety of options you have to release your movie, how to expand your reach through marketing, and how you can potentially make a profit in the process. The host is award-winning NYC filmmaker Andre Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions and director of the indie thriller VENDETTA GAMES now available on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and on DVD at most available retailers.

This class will be coming to the virtual learning website Skillshare in a matter of weeks. You can check out our previous class NO BUDGET FILMMAKING FOR BEGINNERS right now at the following link:


We are still moving forward with this long in development epic western that we originally planned to film this year. As of now, we have 20 days left to raise startup funds on Kickstarter. Any little bit will help. But just as importantly, if you can please share the link, it gets us a long way. Lets make it happen!

Live Life in the Purple Radio Show Interview with Andre´ Joseph (UPDATED)

Tune in to the show LIVE LIFE IN THE PURPLE with MLuV on IBNX Radio TODAY, November 7 at 2:00 pm est. where writer/director Andre´ Joseph will be interviewed about VENDETTA GAMES and the upcoming premiere at the Urban Action Showcase this Saturday! The show will stream LIVE on YouTube: IBNXRADIO/LIVE.

Live Life in the Purple

Don’t forget to order your general admission passes for Saturday’s premiere of Vendetta Games being held at the AMC Empire 25 Theaters in Times Square NYC at


Here’s the link to my interview on the show Live Life in the Purple where I promoted VG. It starts around the 1:08:29 mark:

VENDETTA GAMES Set Pics for Nov. 8 & Kickstarter News

New behind the scenes pics from the Vendetta Games set this past weekend in Staten Island, NY. Take a look!

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You can see more pics on our Facebook page!


In other news, the VENDETTA GAMES prequel comic is now available in print form and can be yours if you back our Kickstarter campaign for the feature film which has 20 days left! Go to this link to donate:

Lather in the week, we will post a new blog about the Dishonorable Vendetta screening at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo, the experience of being at the event, and some possible HUGE news to announce!

VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo Updates

For this latest update, we want to thank our most recent funders for your contributions yesterday! Every contribution helps us get closer to our goal to making Vendetta Games a high quality feature film. As always in these remaining 44 days, please continue to support through sharing our campaign on all your social networking platforms and contacts. The more shares we get, the better chance we start trending on Indiegogo!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the opening scene which will be posted very soon as our editor Clint Higgins is hard at work completing the visual effects and sound. You’ll also be seeing some changes to the design of the campaign page in the coming days along with new pics of the perks we have in store.

We will also have news soon about writer/director Andre´ Joseph making a guest appearance on the Long Island Filmmakers TV Show this July where the Vendetta Games Indiegogo campaign will be mentioned!

First VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo Contributor

A big thank you Kirk Knapp today for being our 1st contributor to the Vendetta Games Indiegogo campaign! We still have 59 days to ago and plenty of updates coming within the next few days. Please keep the support going by contributing at this link!

Also as a reminder to those of you who can’t contribute financially, we are running a referral contest where if you can get a good number of your friends and family to contribute through your referrals, we will offer a merchandise reward of your choosing. But please remember to use the hashtag #VendettaGamesMovie wherever you post.

VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo Campaign Launched

Our crowdfunding campaign for the feature length crime drama VENDETTA GAMES has officially launched at Indiegogo! Visit the site by clicking on the highlighted words to see the full story description of the project as well as the current cast and crew list. There’s plenty of exciting ‘perks’ listed on the page for every contribution you make.

Please help us meet our minimum goal between now and August 8 today! If you’re unable to donate, sharing it on all social networks is just as good as any monetary contribution.

See our pitch video below:

VENDETTA GAMES Crowdfunding Pitch Video from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.


AJ Epyx Productions announces the start of work on their newest feature film in nearly 5 years: VENDETTA GAMES. Written and directed by Andre´ Joseph, the film serves as a continuation of the story that began with DISHONORABLE VENDETTA as DEA Agents Keith Miller and Jason Stokes get involved with a major organized drug ring that puts their lives, careers, and their loved ones in serious jeopardy.


Production on the opening sequence began this past week in Staten Island, NY. Returning to the cast include Mr. Joseph as Stokes, Chris Corulla as Miller, J.R. Carter as Marks, and Drew Henriksen as Talbot. New additions to the cast include Matthew McCurdy, Emily De Villa, Christina Roman, Bryan Williams, Paul Wallace, Reginald L. Barnes, Eric Torres, Fernando Ramos, and many more soon to be announced.

In just a few weeks, we will be launching our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the rest of the production in late summer-early fall 2015. A pitch video will be rolled out first, followed by a completely edited version of the film’s opening sequence. Stay tuned right here for more updates over the course of the next few months.

All inquiries about joining our cast and crew as well as investment opportunities about this project can be sent to