VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo Updates

For this latest update, we want to thank our most recent funders for your contributions yesterday! Every contribution helps us get closer to our goal to making Vendetta Games a high quality feature film. As always in these remaining 44 days, please continue to support through sharing our campaign on all your social networking platforms and contacts. The more shares we get, the better chance we start trending on Indiegogo!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the opening scene which will be posted very soon as our editor Clint Higgins is hard at work completing the visual effects and sound. You’ll also be seeing some changes to the design of the campaign page in the coming days along with new pics of the perks we have in store.

We will also have news soon about writer/director Andre´ Joseph making a guest appearance on the Long Island Filmmakers TV Show this July where the Vendetta Games Indiegogo campaign will be mentioned!


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