VENDETTA GAMES Atlantic City Cinefest Statues

Took a little while to get these. But they’re finally here: Our award statues from the Atlantic City Cinefest for our film, Vendetta Games!


We will also be part of the World Music & Independent Film Festival on January 12. Visit for more information on tickets.

VENDETTA GAMES Kalen Eriksson Interview

An interview with Kalen Eriksson, the associate producer of Vendetta Games and head of the production company TriFilm Pictures. He discusses the film and what his responsibilities are on the production.

Find out more about the upcoming crime thriller from AJ Epyx Productions at the official Facebook page and please contribute to our Kickstarter campaign in the remaining 19 days!

VENDETTA GAMES Prequel Comic Book Cover Revealed

We can now reveal the work-in-progress cover art for the upcoming Vendetta Games prequel comic book written by Andre´ Joseph with illustrations by Brian Bicknell! Follow the characters of DEA Agents Miller, Stokes, Marks, and Talbot in a intense drug bust that sets the stage for what will be ahead in the upcoming feature film. The comic itself is currently in production for a fall release.

For a contribution of $60 or more at our Indiegogo campaign link, you can take this perk home once the comic is fully completed. If you like this as well as our opening scene from the film, please contribute to our Indiegogo campaign in these final 23 DAYS so we can continue production on this amazing movie!

VENDETTA GAMES Opening Scene is Here!

Here it is everyone! Introducing the opening sequence to VENDETTA GAMES! This is the only scene we have shot for the film as we are still trying to raise money for the remainder of production and post-production costs. If you like what you see and can help us continue our production, please contribute, like, or share our Indiegogo campaign link in these final 30 DAYS. Every penny will be spent on the screen as you can see from this scene and we can only get better!

Also if you’d like to join our production as an actor or part of the crew, please forward your info to

VENDETTA GAMES Opening Scene from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.

VENDETTA GAMES Opening Sequence Behind the Scenes Video

Here’s the all new behind the scenes look at the Vendetta Games opening scene which will debut online next week! We introduce our crew as well as the additional cast involved in the film.

We have also re-edited our pitch video which you can check out at the front of the campaign page. Don’t forget our REFERRAL CONTEST! If you can get a minimum 5 of your friends and family to contribute through your referrals, we will offer a Vendetta Games T-Shirt along with the prequel comic book and the Blu-ray copy of the film upon completion.

Please continue your support and contributions in these remaining 40 days! Thank you!

VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo Updates

For this latest update, we want to thank our most recent funders for your contributions yesterday! Every contribution helps us get closer to our goal to making Vendetta Games a high quality feature film. As always in these remaining 44 days, please continue to support through sharing our campaign on all your social networking platforms and contacts. The more shares we get, the better chance we start trending on Indiegogo!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the opening scene which will be posted very soon as our editor Clint Higgins is hard at work completing the visual effects and sound. You’ll also be seeing some changes to the design of the campaign page in the coming days along with new pics of the perks we have in store.

We will also have news soon about writer/director Andre´ Joseph making a guest appearance on the Long Island Filmmakers TV Show this July where the Vendetta Games Indiegogo campaign will be mentioned!

First VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo Contributor

A big thank you Kirk Knapp today for being our 1st contributor to the Vendetta Games Indiegogo campaign! We still have 59 days to ago and plenty of updates coming within the next few days. Please keep the support going by contributing at this link!

Also as a reminder to those of you who can’t contribute financially, we are running a referral contest where if you can get a good number of your friends and family to contribute through your referrals, we will offer a merchandise reward of your choosing. But please remember to use the hashtag #VendettaGamesMovie wherever you post.

VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo Campaign Launched

Our crowdfunding campaign for the feature length crime drama VENDETTA GAMES has officially launched at Indiegogo! Visit the site by clicking on the highlighted words to see the full story description of the project as well as the current cast and crew list. There’s plenty of exciting ‘perks’ listed on the page for every contribution you make.

Please help us meet our minimum goal between now and August 8 today! If you’re unable to donate, sharing it on all social networks is just as good as any monetary contribution.

See our pitch video below:

VENDETTA GAMES Crowdfunding Pitch Video from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.