DISMISSAL TIME: Short Film Marketing & Promotion at Indiegogo

While Dismissal Time: An AJ Epyx Short Film premiered last week, we are now in preparation for outreach for schools for special screenings and additional film festivals. We humbly ask for your support by donating to Indiegogo to help cover the costs for marketing materials, booking rentals for future private screenings, and covering film festival entry fees. We have a very special film that all of us in the cast and crew are proud to be part of and we want to give it the biggest push possible. Thank you. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dismissal-time-short-film-marketing-promotion/x/1858114#/


Final Week to Support AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS on Kickstarter

For those who don’t know, this is the very last week of our Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming western project AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. So far, we have only raised 14% of our fundraising goal since we began last month. We’ve actually done a little better than our previous campaign on Seed & Spark which was greatly affected by the initial lockdowns caused by the global pandemic. But this is still an all or nothing situation where if we don’t meet the minimum goal, then we get no funds to start production next year. We would have to consider other options.

We understand that the $12K goal is a long shot to reach between now and our November 21st deadline. So even if you can’t afford to contribute, you can still help us a long way by sharing the Kickstarter link. All it takes is the right eyes to view our work and be willing to support what we need to get up and running. These rewards are also worthwhile to get should you decide to contribute.

For more information and to donate to the project, visit the Kickstarter link: http://kck.st/33QWGQ7

Thank you.

VENDETTA GAMES Nominated for 3 Action On Film International Film Festival Awards

As the Action on Film International Film Festival is just around the corner this month, I’m pleased to announce that Vendetta Games has been nominated for 3 AOF awards in the following categories of BEST SCORE – FEATURE, BEST URBAN FILM, and BEST GUERILLA FILM!

The film will be screened at the Brenden Theaters located in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on August 23rd at the 2:00pm screening block. Individual tickets will be available in the coming days, but you can get your festival access passes today by visiting the Action on Film Fest website.

The festival begins August 16th through 25th. The AOF Black Tie Dinner, Entertainment and Award Show will take place August 25th. Tickets are available on the website as well. Congrats to our cast and crew, a huge thank you to Del and Theresa Weston for the opportunity and nominations, and another big special thank to every Kickstarter and Indiegogo backer who supported the project!

Best Guerilla FilmBest ScoreBest Urban Film

VENDETTA GAMES Theatrical Trailer from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.


VENDETTA GAMES Kickstarter Stretch Goals

As we discovered this morning, one of our backers decided to cancel their pledge which now leaves us $500 short of the minimum goal once again. But we still have 17 days to keep working as hard as we possibly can to achieve the most success from this Kickstarter campaign!

As I mentioned in my video yesterday when we did meet the goal at the time, we would unveil our Stretch Goals for making Vendetta Games a fully complete production. The new goals are as follows:


We are willing to take any and all suggestions for new rewards that you would like to see from us in these remaining 17 days. Please continue to support on all social networks, blogs, and your circles. Your help means the world to this team!

Thank You to All VENDETTA GAMES Contributors

Thank you to all of our supportive contributors (and those of you who just shared the link) to the VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo campaign! While we didn’t meet the initial minimum goal we wanted, our campaign does not end here! We will continue to send updates on our progress as we will be holding a photo shoot with the cast next week as well as updates from the set this fall.

For anyone who wishes to still donate privately via PayPal or personal check, please contact Andre´ Joseph at ajepyx1@gmail.com. We are also seeking investment opportunities as well as sponsorship from small businesses and special organizations devoted to law enforcement.

“Perks” will begin to roll out in the coming weeks. We still need time for Brian Bicknell to finish the comic book artwork (which will be sent to $60+ contributors as a digital copy) and to have the posters, T-shirts, and casino chips manufactured. Please send your mailing info to the email address listed above in order to receive your gifts.

We still have a great movie to present to the world. We’re going to push forward now!

Final Countdown on VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo Campaign

In less than 39 hours as of this writing, we will be at the end of the VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo campaign. First of all, I would like to thank everyone and anyone who contributed to, shared, or liked the campaign and this film project in particular. Even though we get to keep what we make with Indiegogo through flexible funding in contrast to Kickstarter, it’s obvious that we did not make our initial minimum goal. There’s a lot of factors behind that, but I’m not here to point fingers. A lot of people don’t realize how much work it takes to promote a campaign and to get others to believe in it enough to contribute. I’d say this whole summer has been a challenge in that respect.

In spite of where we are financially with the film, my team and I will continue to push production forward this coming fall and actively seek potential investors, sponsors, and donors. We may have to nickel and dime our way through this efforts as I have done in the past. Except this time, I have a lot more experience to know our limitations and how best to find creative solutions to make sure every penny goes up on the screen. It won’t be fun going in that direction; however, it’s moments like these that force you to become a natural leader when all the odds are stacked against you.

As we get near the end, I encourage anyone at this point to watch our pitch video, followed by the opening scene for the film:

VENDETTA GAMES Crowdfunding Pitch Video from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.

VENDETTA GAMES Opening Scene from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.

If you like what you see and believe in us enough to get the rest of the movie made, here’s the link to our Indiegogo campaign:


All the perks/rewards you can receive for your contributions are listed right side of the page. These are the few things that you can get:

vendetta copyVG T-Shirt NEW blu_ray_coverart_vendetta_games poker_chip_vendetta_games

To contribute, type your amount, followed by clicking CONTRIBUTE NOW on the upper right hand side of the page. It will take you straight to the next page to continue to payment via PayPal.

Thank you all again for your support. Let the games continue…


AJ Epyx News & Updates 8/5/15

There’s a new YouTube link where you can watch Andre´ Joseph’s interview from last week’s episode The Filmmakers Show with Jerry Parisi. See by clicking on the link below:

We’re in the home stretch of the VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo campaign which will conclude this weekend. Whether or not we make the minimum goal, we are moving forward with the project as we started securing locations for jump starting production next month as well as an upcoming photo shoot with the cast. So please contribute to help us get this exciting movie on the big screen. Every little bit will help us!

We will have screening information for NIGHT STREAM at the Ocktober Film Festival within the next two weeks. But in the meantime if you’re in the D.C. area, tickets are still available for the World Music & Independent Film Festival screenings of AJ Epyx short films TEMPTED and THE DINNER which will take place Thursday, August 20 at 6pm in the National Navy Museum in Washington, D.C.! Purchase them at Eventbrite today!

New VENDETTA GAMES Prequel Comic Book Sample Pages

We have some new sample pages from Brian Bicknell of the Vendetta Games prequel comic book to share with all of our supporters! Once again, when the artwork is completed, you can have a copy of your own as a perk for a contribution of $60 or more at our Indiegogo campaign.



Also please support the VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo in these final 10 days to help us get the movie up and running: http://igg.me/at/vendettagamesmovie/x/1858114

The Filmmakers Show Interview Featuring Andre´ Joseph is Now Online

Big special thank you to Jerry Parisi for having me on your show this evening! And also big thanks to Drew Henriksen and Greg Pursino for all of your support! If you missed the live show last night, you can now watch at any time by clicking the video below:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Also please support the VENDETTA GAMES Indiegogo in these final 10 days to help us get the movie up and running: http://igg.me/at/vendettagamesmovie/x/1858114