Announcing G.I. JOE: THE FALL OF COBRA Fan Film

This week we will unveil a few upcoming releases from AJ Epyx in 2023. The first of these reveals is our short fan film G.I. JOE: THE FALL OF COBRA. Based on the ’80s Hasbro toy line and the classic Marvel cartoon, we shot a near-faithful to the source material this past summer as part of a test run for VFX on new projects. Directed by André Joseph and written by Michael Schiavo, the fan film stars Michael Schiavo (Vendetta Games), Diamond Harding (Dishonorable Vendetta), Erin Marie Adams (Night Stream), Kidd Jeanmary, Kathryn Mary Wood (Tempted), and Mako San. It is currently in the tail-end of post-production and you can expect a trailer early next year.


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