Announcing G.I. JOE: THE FALL OF COBRA Fan Film

This week we will unveil a few upcoming releases from AJ Epyx in 2023. The first of these reveals is our short fan film G.I. JOE: THE FALL OF COBRA. Based on the ’80s Hasbro toy line and the classic Marvel cartoon, we shot a near-faithful to the source material this past summer as part of a test run for VFX on new projects. Directed by André Joseph and written by Michael Schiavo, the fan film stars Michael Schiavo (Vendetta Games), Diamond Harding (Dishonorable Vendetta), Erin Marie Adams (Night Stream), Kidd Jeanmary, Kathryn Mary Wood (Tempted), and Mako San. It is currently in the tail-end of post-production and you can expect a trailer early next year.

PAPERBOY Fan Trailer Accepted into North American Future Film Festival

Just woke up to the unexpected news that the PaperBoy Fan Trailer (Based on the classic 80s arcade game) that we made last year was just accepted into the Los Angeles-based North American Future Film Festival! The selection of the awards will be attributed by the audience who will take part during the screenings of the films, in order to give them the privilege to choose which teasers they will be interesting to watch finished as a feature film.

I want to personally congratulate Michael Schiavo, Daniel Gaeta, and Jesse, JR. for making this possible!

78e4e0_e5c760130f1e465e8eb85f43b33ad950~mv2Paperboy Open

Green Gecko Films’ LEX LUTHOR PSA

Our good friend Adam Chinoy, the founder of Green Gecko Films as well as the producer and cinematographer on TEMPTED just released the teaser trailer for his upcoming fan film of the greatest Superman villain ever, LEX LUTHOR. This is definitely worth watching for any DC Comics fans with Batman v. Superman just around the corner. Check it out below:

The Cat and The Spider

Check out TEMPTED actor Michael Schiavo’s new fan film THE CAT AND THE SPIDER which was also shot by Andre´ Joseph! In this comedic short spoof, Spider-Man’s Felicia Hardy is feeling a little less then confidant with her relationship with Peter Parker. So she turns to her friend and fellow cat burglar Selena Kyle/Catwoman for some friendly advice. But she get a surprise when she sets her sights on getting Spider-Man “back”.