UNINVITED Wins Audience Award at Cranford Film Festival

More good news to share! The music video we made for Milan Lazistan’s “Uninvited” was announced as the winner of the CRANFORD COUGAR AWARD at this year’s Cranford Film Festival! The video received the most audience votes at the festival which resulted in this great honor. Thank you to all who enjoyed and voted for our video!

And if you live in Philly, “Uninvited” screens again on Wednesday, May 17th at 5:30PM at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival! The video will be in the FESTIVAL OF MUSIC VIDEO block located at Purple Light Lounge (924 Canal Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123). Tickets can be purchased here.


See UNINVITED at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

It’s turning into a busy spring! On Wednesday, May 17th at 5:30PM, Milan Lazistan’s “Uninvited” will be screening in Philadelphia, PA for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival! The video will be in the FESTIVAL OF MUSIC VIDEO block located at Purple Light Lounge (924 Canal Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123). Tickets can be purchased here.

Also, if you saw our music video for Milan Martin‘s UNINVITED at the Cranford Film Festival this past month, please support us by voting for the video to win the Cougar Fan Award! It’s a quick survey that you can find here.


From director André Joseph of ITN Distribution’s VENDETTA GAMES and Michael Schiavo of Hamster Pellet Productions comes the short fan film inspired by the classic Hasbro toy line and Marvel Comics animated series, G.I. JOE: THE FALL OF COBRA. Set after the events of 1987’s G.I. JOE: THE MOVIE, a recovering Duke sends Stalker, Scarlett, and Snake-Eyes on an unsanctioned mission to Cobra Island where they confront a newly revived Cobra Commander along with Destro and the Baroness. We didn’t just make this for experimentation. We did it for the love of Joe and what we aspired the Hollywood movies to be even on a shoestring budget.

Starring Diamond Harding as Stalker, Erin Marie Adams as Scarlett, Kidd Jeanmary as Snake-Eyes, Mako San as Destro, Kathryn Mary Wood as the Baroness, Albert Albanese III as Mainframe, and Michael Schiavo as Duke & Cobra Commander.

Edited, Shot & Directed by André Joseph
Written & Produced by Michael Schiavo, Based on Hasbro’s “G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO”
Executive Producer André Joseph
Casting by André Joseph, Additional Casting by Jesse James Jobin
VFX by Abhishek Panda
Costumes by Michael Schiavo & Diamond Harding
Stunt Coreography by Mako San, Assistant Stunts Bill Dougherty
Locations by Michael Schiavo

Filmed in Staten Island, NY
Shot on iPhone & Panasonic GH4
Edited on Adobe Premiere
Audio Mix by Ryan Gratzer

All music from Composed by Ford Kinder, Spencer Michlin, Johnny Douglas & Joe Bacal © 2020 Hasbro, Inc


This G.I. JOE film is a not-for-profit creative work of “fan fiction” intended for private use only, not for sale or commercial exhibition or exploitation of any sort. It is not affiliated with, sponsored by or approved by Hasbro, Marvel or any of their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and/or licensees or any other entity that may hold rights in the G.I. JOE ancillary franchise.
The content is for the private use of the viewer and may not be sold, rented, copied, exhibited, distributed or otherwise used in connection with any commercial enterprise.
The filmmakers make no claim to any characters, storylines, prop designs, names, logos or situations where such elements are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by federal, state, international or other intellectual property law. This work is produced solely for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment of ourselves and other G.I. JOE fans.

Announcing G.I. JOE: THE FALL OF COBRA Fan Film

This week we will unveil a few upcoming releases from AJ Epyx in 2023. The first of these reveals is our short fan film G.I. JOE: THE FALL OF COBRA. Based on the ’80s Hasbro toy line and the classic Marvel cartoon, we shot a near-faithful to the source material this past summer as part of a test run for VFX on new projects. Directed by André Joseph and written by Michael Schiavo, the fan film stars Michael Schiavo (Vendetta Games), Diamond Harding (Dishonorable Vendetta), Erin Marie Adams (Night Stream), Kidd Jeanmary, Kathryn Mary Wood (Tempted), and Mako San. It is currently in the tail-end of post-production and you can expect a trailer early next year.

“Uninvited” Music Video Accepted to Northeast Film Festival

Another round of applause for our good friend Milan Lazistan for a new film festival acceptance to the video we produced for him, UNINVITED! It previously won “Most Creative Music Video” at WMIFF earlier this year. Now it will be part of the Teaneck-based event happening Sept. 9 through the 11. For more info on tickets, visit http://www.nefilmfestival.com/

“Get Involved” & “Uninvited” Music Videos Win Big at WMIFF

Congrats to Milan Lazistan for winning “Most Creative Music Video Award” for his song “Uninvited” this past weekend at the World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington, DC! Not only did AJ Epyx Productions win with that song, but we also won for “Best Gospel Music Video” for the song “Get Involved” by Kym Swain! Thank you to Milan and Kym for allowing me the opportunity to direct for both of you and thanks to June Daguiso and WMIFF for recognizing us! See the full list of award winners here.

The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – An Interview with Richard of Fox’s LEGO MASTERS

We finally release the long awaited interview with my cousin Richard “DJ Treats” Dryden to discuss his amazing experience last year on Fox’s LEGO Masters and his love for all things Lego! This is an hour long discussion about Richard’s early beginnings as a Lego collector, the art and culture of Lego, and how that interest turned him into a contestant on the show. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Follow us on Twitter @silverscreenaf1 and “Like” us on Facebook @silverscreenafpod See more info about Andre´ Joseph’s films at ajepyxproductions.com and follow on Twitter and Instagram @ajepyx. Comment and make suggestions for future episodes here or to silverscreenafpodcast@gmail.com Follow Richard on Instagram @treatise and on Twitter @iamdjtreats.

The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – Indiana Jones

The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast kicks of 2022 after a LONGER delay in recording due to pandemic life, work, etc. We look back at the action figures of the classic INDIANA JONES movies starting with Kenner’s 1982 Adventures of Indiana Jones line based on the movie that started it all, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. From there, we deep dive into the figures produced for the sequels, the rare treasures along the way, and a shocking discovery that the public knows little to nothing about!

Follow us on Twitter @silverscreenaf1 and “Like” us on Facebook! See more info about Andre´ Joseph’s films at ajepyxproductions.com and follow on Twitter and Instagram @ajepyx. Comment and make suggestions for future episodes here or to silverscreenafpodcast@gmail.com.

GET INVOLVED and UNINVITED Music Videos Nominated at 13th Annual WMIFF

We received great news yesterday that the music videos we produced for Kym Swain’s GET INVOLVED and Milan Lazistan’s UNINVITED have been selected and nominated for 2 awards each at the next annual World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington, DC. Each video has been nominated for the following:

Get Involved
Best Music Video
Best Director

Best Music Video
Most Creative Music Video

We will have more info about the festival date and events in early 2022. Congrats to all INVOLVED!

Cinematic Talk – Ep.07

Episode Rundown:

00:00 – Intro


01:00 – Cinematic Hot Take: Loki Series


11:00 – Todd Phillips strikes a deal to write and direct Joker 2.
Black Panther’s Okoye confirmed for Disney+ spin-off series.(black panther origin series)
Oscar Isaac is officially confirmed as Moon Knight.
Spider-Man: No Way Home will reveal MCU connection to Sonyverse.
Seth Rogen’s Ninja Turtles reboot set for August 2023.
Jonathan Majors is in talks to play Michael B. Jordan’s opponent in Creed III.
James Bond writers worried about 007’s future after the MGM/Amazon sale.
Jupiter’s Legacy cancelled at Netflix.

Omega Red will be the main villain of Black Widow 2.
Grace Randolph reports Green Goblin and Sinister Six to be the villains of Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to make a sequel to Total Recall.
WarnerMedia & Discovery to restructure DC Films to the Marvel Studios model.
Darth Maul series in development at Disney+


Infinite Trailer
New Dexter teaser trailer
No Sudden Move

Toys Released

They Live Funko Pops
Hasbro Marvel Retro Legends Series

Thank you for watching Cinematic Talk.

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