AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Movie Trailer GoFundMe Campaign

Our journey has just begun. We just launched the crowdfunding campaign to raise money in order to produce a trailer for AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. Soon to be a feature length western from AJ Epyx Productions. The screenplay recently won “Best Feature Length Screenplay” at the 2019 World Music & Independent Film Festival as well as making semi-finalist status at the Utah Film Festival. To learn more about the project and how you can support, please visit the following link:



2 thoughts on “AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Movie Trailer GoFundMe Campaign

  1. Andre.. as always I have been watching your recent success with the saxophonist with great interest. It’s a fabulous film by the way. Have you begun Casting AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS yet?

    Hope all is well. God bless.


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    1. Hey Vito! Really appreciate you checking out The Saxophonist. Right now, we’re really just trying to concenrtate on filming the trailer and use that with a business plan to raise the funds we need to shoot the full film.


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