Please Support the GoFundMe Fundraiser for CALCULATED EGOS

We recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise production funds for the pilot episode of our upcoming crime drama web series, CALCULATED EGOS, a co-production of Source Life Entertainment. We are aiming to shoot around NYC this summer and need all the support possible to run a smooth and safe production for our cast and crew.

To contribute and see all the reward tiers, visit the GoFundMe campaign link here.

For the full background of the project, please check out our official website.

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See the new teaser trailer below as well as the pitch video:

Final Week to Support AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS on Kickstarter

For those who don’t know, this is the very last week of our Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming western project AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. So far, we have only raised 14% of our fundraising goal since we began last month. We’ve actually done a little better than our previous campaign on Seed & Spark which was greatly affected by the initial lockdowns caused by the global pandemic. But this is still an all or nothing situation where if we don’t meet the minimum goal, then we get no funds to start production next year. We would have to consider other options.

We understand that the $12K goal is a long shot to reach between now and our November 21st deadline. So even if you can’t afford to contribute, you can still help us a long way by sharing the Kickstarter link. All it takes is the right eyes to view our work and be willing to support what we need to get up and running. These rewards are also worthwhile to get should you decide to contribute.

For more information and to donate to the project, visit the Kickstarter link:

Thank you.


As you all can probably see, this is our last day of fundraising for our trailer project on GoFundMe. I want to thank each of you who donated, shared the link, and expressed a great deal of support for our efforts. Between this campaign as well as private funds, we have enough to cover the production portion of this trailer shoot which will take place on June 2 and June 9 here in NY. But as always, we can use additional funds for editing, music recording, and to pay film festival fees. I’m happy to accept any further payments via my Venmo account @Andre-Joseph-10.

I will continue to update each of you as we progress in our trailer shoot as well as the entire AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS feature film production in the coming months. Be sure to ‘like’ our Facebook page for further updates!


AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Animated Teaser from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.


This is the first teaser from AJ Epyx Productions for the upcoming feature-length western, AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. We are currently in the funding and pre-production phase of the project. The story follows two young brothers of different races who witness the brutal murder of their parents. Reunited as men, the maps tattooed on their arms lead them to the cache of jewels stolen from the murderers. The screenplay by Drew Henriksen (POWER OF PRAYER) with story by Henriksen, Andre´ Joseph, and Chris Corulla, Jr. was recently the recipient of “Best Feature Length Screenplay” at the 2019 World Music & Independent Film Festival as well as making semi-finalist status at the Utah Film Festival.

Please support our GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a live-action trailer featuring our key cast members and will be used to attract investors to back the full feature film:

Directed by Andre´ Joseph
Written by Drew Henriksen
Story by Drew Henriksen, Andre´ Joseph, and Chris Corulla, Jr.
Music by Milan Lazistan III and Bill Mann
Animation and Editing by Eric Cohen

©2019 AGS Features, LLC and AJ Epyx Productions, LLC

AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Movie Trailer GoFundMe Campaign

Our journey has just begun. We just launched the crowdfunding campaign to raise money in order to produce a trailer for AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. Soon to be a feature length western from AJ Epyx Productions. The screenplay recently won “Best Feature Length Screenplay” at the 2019 World Music & Independent Film Festival as well as making semi-finalist status at the Utah Film Festival. To learn more about the project and how you can support, please visit the following link:


Please Support Team Randy

I was saddened to hear today that our fellow Dishonorable Vendetta cast member Randy Cellan who played the role of “Oleg” is fighting the battle against Chronic Lyme Disease. According to his wife Tricia, he’s not in the best of health and spends his days in a motorized wheelchair. He receives Intravenous Antibiotics that his wife manages at home. They rent a wheelchair accessible van to travel to Connecticut twice weekly for Intravenous Infusions , which must be monitored by his doctor during treatment. The length of time for this treatment is uncertain.

I encourage everyone to please donate and support in any way possible via his GoFundMe page in hopes that he can make a full recovery. Randy was such an all around fun guy to work with on set and one of many actors I had the joy to work with. On behalf of the cast and crew from the film, Randy and his family are in our prayers.


New TEMPTED Poster on Sale and Some Quick Plugs

Now available at the AJ Epyx Wholesale Shop is a brand new Tempted movie poster commerating our recent film festival successes in this laurel edition of the artwork. Purchase this and other great items now by visiting the CafePress link.

Speaking of Tempted, the film’s co-producer and cinematographer Adam Chinoy has started an Indiegogo campaign for his upcoming short film from Green Gecko Films, THE COMFORT ANIMAL. Check out the pitch video below and please support by visiting their Indiegogo page.

Comfort Animal: Kickstarter Video from Green Gecko Films on Vimeo.

Then our award winning actor from Night Stream, Reginald L. Barnes, has just started a GoFundMe campaign to help with all his acting career needs from upcoming productions to obtaining union status. He has been hard at work on this for 10 years and now it’s time that it pays off. Check out the GoFundMe page to support him as well as my friend Woodly Aurelus to get the finishing funds for his long awaited feature film, BEST FRIEND.