Please Support Team Randy

I was saddened to hear today that our fellow Dishonorable Vendetta cast member Randy Cellan who played the role of “Oleg” is fighting the battle against Chronic Lyme Disease. According to his wife Tricia, he’s not in the best of health and spends his days in a motorized wheelchair. He receives Intravenous Antibiotics that his wife manages at home. They rent a wheelchair accessible van to travel to Connecticut twice weekly for Intravenous Infusions , which must be monitored by his doctor during treatment. The length of time for this treatment is uncertain.

I encourage everyone to please donate and support in any way possible via his GoFundMe page in hopes that he can make a full recovery. Randy was such an all around fun guy to work with on set and one of many actors I had the joy to work with. On behalf of the cast and crew from the film, Randy and his family are in our prayers.



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