THE SAXOPHONIST Accepted to 3rd Annual Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival

We are going back to Las Vegas, baby! Our award-winning short film, THE SAXOPHONIST, has just been accepted into the 3rd Annual Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival. We were present last year for VENDETTA GAMES which had been nominated for multiple categories there as well as its sister festival, Action on Film. Hosted by veterans of over sixty years of live entertainment events and scheduled to take place in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Las Vegas: HDIFF guarantees to give filmmakers and writers the opportunity to showcase their works to a world audience, be screened in beautiful venues, offer validation, recognition  and awards in multiple Award Categories and in short, become a must attend show for all involved in the film and television industries.

The event takes place over the weeks of July 25 – August 3 with screenings at the Brenden Theater located at Palms Casino Resort. Will keep you updated on the actual screening date and time. Thank you again Del and Theresa Weston for having us back! Congrats to our cast and crew!



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