THE SAXOPHONIST Screenplay Earns 2nd Prize in Black Screenplays Matter Competition

We recently received wonderful news that the screenplay for The Saxophonist was a 2nd prize finalist in the 1st annual Black Screenplays Matter Screenplay competition. The prize consists of $100 in cash and the script will be distributed to the organization’s database of agents and producers on both coasts who are looking for clients and material to produce. This will grant us greater exposure for the project.
Also don’t forget that The Saxophonist fundraiser event is happening at PIPS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn next Thursday, June 29 at 6pm. You can get tickets now at Eventbrite or pay the cover charge at the door. If you’re unable to attend, please spread the word about this important event as well as our Facebook page and official website. It means so much to us.
Copy of jazz festival flyer template

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