The Official AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Teaser Trailer Arrives

This is the teaser trailer for the upcoming AJ Epyx Productions feature-length western, AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. The story follows two young brothers of different races who witness the brutal murder of their parents. Reunited as men, the maps tattooed on their arms lead them to the cache of jewels stolen from the murderers. The screenplay by Drew Henriksen (POWER OF PRAYER) with story by Henriksen, Andre´ Joseph (VENDETTA GAMES, THE SAXOPHONIST), and Chris Corulla, Jr. (VENDETTA GAMES) was the recipient of “Best Feature Length Screenplay” at the 2019 World Music & Independent Film Festival as well as “Best Western Screenplay” at the Las Vegas International Film & Screenplay Festival.

Our journey into production will begin sometime in 2020. For more information, visit and follow these links:

Facebook Page:

Starring Andre´ Joseph
Chris Corulla, Jr.
Ann Flanigan
Bryan Williams
Drew Henriksen
Christie Desir
Stephanie Hinick
Teel James Glenn
Tony Simonetti

Produced & Directed by Andre´ Joseph
Written by Drew Henriksen
Story by Drew Henriksen, Andre´ Joseph, and Chris Corulla, Jr.
Acoustic Guitar Music by Chris Corulla, Jr.
Music Mixed and Engineered by Bill Mann and Milan Lazistan III
Cinematography by Andre´ Joseph
Edited by Matthew Merritte
Hair & Makeup by Kathryn Mary Wood
On-Set Photography by Kathryn Mary Wood
Production Assistant Tomas Melendez
1st Assistant Director Albert Albanese

Sean Buttimer
Joyce Clarke
Sal Corulla
Alex DiVito
Carl DiVito
Stephen Farrier
Ken Hewski
Alfred Joseph
Marcia Joseph
Love Law Firm LLPC
Joe Montalbano
Robert Oliver
William Powell
John Say
Victoria Venezia
Catherine Wilvert

©2019 AGS Features, LLC and AJ Epyx Productions, LLC

AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS (2020) – Teaser Trailer from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.



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