VENDETTA GAMES Set Pics Sept. 19-20

New behind the scenes pics from the set of VENDETTA GAMES this past weekend on location in Staten Island, NY where we shot the home scenes for DEA Agent Stokes played by Andre´ Joseph. We also shot a birthday party scene with J.R. Carter, Erin Sanderson, and Nicholas Lamar as well as an action sequence featuring Drew Henriksen, Emily De Villa, and Bryan Williams. Check them out below:

12025348_1635498783372416_297428585_n  11995689_1635498563372438_679346993_n 12026396_1635498280039133_584883683_n-1 12030758_1635498246705803_544530296_n 12030760_1635498446705783_722519598_n12042061_1635009630087998_1806975163_n

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