VENDETTA GAMES Prequel Comic Book Artist Announced

We are pleased to announce that we have hired comic book illustrator BRIAN BICKNELL of Bicknell Designs to create the cover and panel art for the upcoming Vendetta Games prequel comic book! The comic will be released in the fall as part of the Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming film.

Brian is a commercial artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in commercials and movies both in the United States and internationally, he has collaborated on projects for comics, graphic novels, book covers, television, and film, as a co-writer, illustrator, and storyboard artist.  A-52, his first self written and illustrated Graphic Novel, will be exhibited at the New York Comic Con in 2016.  Brian was classically trained in Illustration, and graphic design in Boston MA., and cannot remember a time when he was not drawing or sketching.

Marrick 3 Marrick 7

See more of Brian’s work at his official website at


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