UNFINISHED BUSINESS is happy to present a very special episode where we interview the star of the 1995 cult teen film ANGUS, actor Charlie Talbert. We not only discuss his starring role in this underrated classic, but also what that film has meant to various people over the years who have reached out to him *(present company included). We also talk about his career, what he’s been doing over the years, and get to know him better. He leaves us laughing and in awe. Again, just so thankful to him for agreeing to this interview.

Follow Jeff on Instagram @Projectorj1 and @Unfinsihedb2 and on Twitter at MrUniverse and Unfinsihedb1. Follow Andre’ on Twitter and Instagram @Ajepyx and see more about his film work at AJepyxproductions.com.

You can follow Charlie Talbert on Instagram @CharlieTalbert_Performer.

Special shout out to @wickedJoyful who created and crafted handmade original movie art and merchandise.

Another shout out to the HIGH SCHOOL SLUMBER PARTY podcast @highschoolslumberparty and host Brian Rodriguez who also have a great Charlie Talbert interview as well as an episode reviewing ANGUS.



“Jerry Five” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


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