This is Unfinished Business TELEVISION featuring our latest special guest we are blessed to have: Actor De’voreaux White! Best known for his iconic role as Bruce Willis’ limo driver Argyle in the original DIE HARD, we sit down to discuss his experience on the film, his humble beginnings on television, and his additional work in the ’80s including PLACES IN THE HEART, THE BLUES BROTHERS, CHILDREN OF TIMES SQUARE, ACTION JACKSON and more!

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Unfinished Business TELEVISION: March 2023 Edition

Happy St. Patty’s Day edition of Unfinished Business TELEVISION! We got some jammed-packed new reviews on VIOLENT NIGHT, SHE SAID, M3GAN, and the infamous COCAINE BEAR. Additionally, a very heated and frank conversation about Netflix’s YOU PEOPLE that you cannot miss! Plus, news about Star Trek’s future on the big screen, Stanley Kubrick’s unproduced Napoleon project coming to TV, another Hellboy reboot, latest trailers and more.

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Part 2 of our inspirational Unfinished Business TELEVISION interview episode with veteran character actor BRENT JENNINGS looks back at his long career in film and television, including his chilling turn as a drug lord in the ‘90s TV movie IN THE LINE OF DUTY: THE PRICE OF VENGEANCE. We talk more SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW, career challenges, and how he reflects back on his outstanding body of work.

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DISMISSAL TIME Short Film Cast Announcement

I’m so excited to be announcing this highly talented group of actors who will be taking part in this very important story that is DISMISSAL TIME. Loosely inspired by true events, DISMISSAL TIME is about a history teacher in a prestigious prep school who makes it her mission to find out the truth behind a vicious cyberbullying incident involving a lone black student in her class. The cast includes Lisa Regina (PRICELESS), Troy Sill, Jay Pastelak, Kat Walsh Oliver Feaster, Kayla Minore, Sarah Dolhansky, Isaiah Faircloth, Denise Spaulding, Dave Goodman, and special appearance by Chris Corulla Jr. (VENDETTA GAMES).

Production to begin this October in locations around South Jersey and Philadelphia.

Visit our project page at our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas for more info on how to support: https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/dismissal-time-short-film

DISMISSAL TIME is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Fractured Atlas will receive grants for the charitable purposes of DISMISSAL TIME, provide oversight to ensure that grant funds are used in accordance with grant agreements, and provide reports as required by the grantor. Contributions for the charitable purposes of DISMISSAL TIME must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS is happy to present a very special episode where we interview the star of the 1995 cult teen film ANGUS, actor Charlie Talbert. We not only discuss his starring role in this underrated classic, but also what that film has meant to various people over the years who have reached out to him *(present company included). We also talk about his career, what he’s been doing over the years, and get to know him better. He leaves us laughing and in awe. Again, just so thankful to him for agreeing to this interview.

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You can follow Charlie Talbert on Instagram @CharlieTalbert_Performer.

Special shout out to @wickedJoyful who created and crafted handmade original movie art and merchandise.

Another shout out to the HIGH SCHOOL SLUMBER PARTY podcast @highschoolslumberparty and host Brian Rodriguez who also have a great Charlie Talbert interview as well as an episode reviewing ANGUS.



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After a long hiatus, The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast returns for the first episode of 2021. This latest edition takes a detour into television with the 80s sci-fi classic V. Host Andre’ Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions looks at the prototypes for the abandoned LJN action figure line, the famous 12 inch doll, the recent Funko Pops, and so much more. There’s also an important announcement about the future of the podcast as well.

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Cinematic Talk – Ep.04

Episode Rundown:

Without Remorse

Mandalorian Season 2

Retro Review: The Matrix Saga.


Finn Wittrock to play Guy Gardner in Green Lantern series for HBO Max.

Noah Centineo drops out of the He-Man movie.

Ms. Marvel costume pic released.

Set photo from The Flash movie reveals Wayne Manor.

Kevin Feige confirms Dr. Strange was written out of the WandaVision finale.

Andrew Garfield claims he’s not in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Animated Nintendo films coming including Super Mario Bros.

WB is seeking a black filmmaker to direct the new Superman movie.

Blade reboot set to shoot next summer.

Paramount+ plans a new film every week.


Daredevil to cameo in She-Hulk series for Disney+.

Fantastic Four to start casting this year.

Pennyworth series to move from Epix to HBO Max for Season 3.

Agents of SHIELD no longer MCU cannon?


Marvel Sizzle Reel with first Eternals footage and sequel titles.

New Loki teaser.

Toys Released:

Toy leak of new Batmobile from Robert Pattinson’s THE BATMAN

Thank you for watching Cinematic Talk.

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AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities

We are now seeking branding opportunities and sponsorship to partner up with us on the production of AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. If you want your brand or products featured in the film, visit our pitch deck here: https://app.brandedplacement.com/Marketplace/GetPublicPPOView?id=1063

There’s still time to consider being an investor on the project as well. Contact us directly at ajepyx1@gmail.com to see the business plan.


This month’s UNFINISHED BUSINESS episode investigates all the happenings in Hollywood today as well as our review of Lee Daniels’ THE UNTED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLLIDAY. Among today’s topics by host Jeff Gallashaw and Andre’ Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions are:

– The closing of ArcLight Cinemas.

– The Fast 9 trailer and our thoughts on the whole FAST & FURIOUS series.

– Will Smith’s Emancipation movie pulled out of Georgia.

And so much more!


From the maker of Skillshare’s NO-BUDGET FILMMAKING FOR BEGINNERS and THE INDIE FILM EXHIBITION MASTERCLASS comes this brand new course for novice writers to put their ideas together into a short film or a web series: SHORT FILM AND WEBISODE SCREENWRITING FOR BEGINNERS hosted by award-winning filmmaker, Andre’ Joseph.

This class achieves the following:

– Writing screenplays for short films and web series formats.

– Class is for aspiring novice screenwriters who have that great idea that they want to make themselves or to pitch to producers, investors, networks, and executives.

– For short films, this class is useful in simplifying your story to the most crucial scenes and character development in a tight 3-act structure. For web series, you will be able to understand how to formulate story and character arcs that take place over the course of several episodes while keeping the audience engaged.

– Either Final Draft or CeltX are the most highly recommended materials for completing the Class Project where you get to write your short script or webisode pilot.

Enroll today: https://skl.sh/3sDKrjn

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