The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – Robocop

DEAD OR ALIVE, YOU’RE COMING WITH US! Episode 5 of THE SILVER SCREEN ACTION FIGURE PODCAST looks back at America’s cyborg crime-fighter in ROBOCOP. Andre´ along with filmmaker Michael Schiavo reflect on the greatness of Paul Verhoven’s 1987 classic which spawn a cap-firing centric action figure line from Kenner as well as the various attempts by other companies to cash in on sequels, remakes, and TV adaptations.

00:48 – Robocop 1987
10:29 – The Animated Series
12:42 – Robocop and the Ultra Police
21:00 – ED-209/ED-260
24:00 – Hasbro’s C.O.P.S.
24:40 – Vehicles
26:50 – Prototypes
30:35 – Robocop 2
33:17 – Robocop 3 and Toy Island
37:29 – Robocop: The Series
43:00 – Robocop: Alpha Commando
49:21 – NECA’s Robocop
50:35 – Robocop 2014
54:20 – Recent Releases and Robocop Returns
58:01 – The Toys We Wish We Had as Kids and Wrap Up

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Intro music by Matthew Hackett


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