VENDETTA GAMES Wins Best Urban Action Film at 2017 Urban Action Showcase

We’re so happy to announce in the night before our world premiere at the 2017 Urban Action Showcase that Vendetta Games is now the WINNER for Best Urban Action Film in the Feature Film Competition! Thank you Demetrius Angelo and the Urban Action Showcase for this amazing honor! Congrats to the entire cast and crew! More pics to come soon!

2017-11-10 22.13.30

You can also now check out a brand new episode of The Cinefiles where writer/director Andre´ Joseph and co-host Jeff Gallashaw of Unfinished Business discuss the film and its inspirations at the link below:


Be sure to purchase your passes online ( for tonight’s premiere (November 11) at the AMC theater in Times Square at 9:30pm for the Urban Action Showcase!


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