RIP Christina Wood

I was saddened to learn the news this morning on Facebook when I heard about the passing of my friend and actress Christina Wood. Christina had a long fighting battle with leukemia and as of yesterday, she was taken off life support. Though we never met in person, Christina was a big part of the community of Long Island-based actors and filmmakers that I was well acquainted with. I had seen her work in the Left of Center Films projects of TEN QUESTIONS and MIRROR IMAGE at film festivals and I was often told my her co-workers how much of a professional she was on set.

Christina and I had connected on Facebook a few years back. She would often reply to my posts sometimes with inspiring advice and also gave me positive feedback on some of my projects. We had spoken a few times about working together and I had written scripts with major roles in mind for her. While I’m saddened to not have that opportunity to work with her, I am still very grateful for the brief time I knew her. Not only was she a talented actress and singer but she was also a hard working school teacher with a master’s degree in Special Education.

Heaven took Christina way too soon. But for the short time she had on this earth, it should put a smile to everyone’s face to know that she was able to live her dream before it was time to be called home. My heart goes out to her friends and family at this difficult time.


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