Mr. & Mrs. Albanese

This past weekend, my long time friend and partner in moviemaking Albert Albanese III finally tied the knot with his long time fiancee, Linda. I couldn’t be any more proud for him for all he’s been through over the years. For us, we started as far back as 14 years ago when the group of us Curtis High School kids attempted to make a backyard wrestling movie called Junkyard Warz. It was a mess, but so much fun to make and we all bonded making it.

Priceless Day 16 001

From there, Albert and I did our share of small scale films before we stepped up our game in 2007 when we produced Priceless together. Both of us had the experience of seeing a movie to completion, but never on a profession level with serious actors and crew. We both grew from that experience and used that knowledge towards the next film, Dishonorable Vendetta.

We have had a ton of adventures together. I wish nothing but the best for the long loving journey that Albert and Linda are about to embark.


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