The CineFiles Podcast: Episode 29

After taking a week off from their Halloween extravaganza, the boys return with Episode 29 of The CineFiles Podcast. This time they focus on movies stars who do weird stuff. Think: James Franco, Joaquin Pheonix and the current king of “weird” Shia LaBeouf. But before they get into it, they discuss the films they’ve recently seen. SPECTRE, STEVE JOBS, INSIDE OUT, STUNG, SILVER BULLET, BACK IN TIME, SAN ANDREAS, the silent classic THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, CALL ME LUCKY, TANGERINE and so much more! As usual they discuss the latest movie news. And wonder why James Bond got the Austin Powers-Goldmember treatment.

So kick back, pull up a chair and listen to Episode 29 of The CineFiles Podcast at This is Infamous!

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