Dishonorable Vendetta Production Status December 2011

So it’s the end of 2011 and as everyone probably knows, Dishonorable Vendetta is still in the post-production process. But as a friend of mine once said, “a filmmaker’s job is never done” and the last thing that I want to do is to put out something unfinished only to feel left unsatisfied with the final product. At the same time, I can feel everyone’s high anticipation and expectations for seeing a potentially amazing film nearly 3 years in the making.

Of course we had never planned for post-production to take so incredibly long. But this was a film produced on a shoe-string budget in which we were only able to film when our actors and crew were available. We also encountered numerous production obstacles which lead to a serious of scripts rewrites which I believe helped to make for a stronger story with compelling characters. Even after production ended, there were still missing shots and sequence gaps we had to fill in for story’s sake.

As for post-production, I’ve edited and advised tirelessly almost every weekday night for the past year alongside my producing and editing partner Rico Mancini of Cool Multimedia at his great studio here on Staten Island, NY. Rico along with Dave Giordano have utilized their skills and resources in ways I could have never imagined. Utilizing programs such as Adobe After Effects, Magic Bullet Looks, Action Essentials 2, 3D Studio Max among others, Rico and Dave brought DV to an even greater level of visual amazement. Although they have encountered a series of technical hurdles along the way, their efforts are what will be a major part of DV’s success and I can’t wait for us to get the ball rolling on the final sound mix and musical score!

As for me, I’ve not only spent these restless nights trying to complete the film with Rico and Dave but I’ve also gone though a year of personal tragedies and adulthood struggles in my own life that sidetracked me. Now that 2012 is around the corner, I feel I can move now and regain my focus to making DV the best movie it can be. I guarantee this will be the year that the public will feast their eyes on it (*RELEASE DATE STILL PENDING) I’m not going to guarantee that it will be as huge as The Dark Knight Rises! But it will be a very dangerous, exciting, and sexy action thriller that will act at the launchpad for AJ Epyx Productions’ future as an independent film production company.

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