RIP John Singleton

The first time I ever stepped foot on a real movie set was at 16 years of age when my cousin and I visited the Brooklyn Armory where John Singleton’s SHAFT was being filmed. I never got a chance to meet him that day because filming had wrapped, but I took a small pencil from a mock police desk where he had cameoed as a cop in the final cut. That day is still a reminder of what made me want to be a filmmaker growing up and John’s work was truly inspirational. His commentary track for BOYZ IN THE HOOD was my own little film school in itself as he taught me how to find my voice as a visual artist in the medium. I had hoped to see him get back to the big screen until his untimely passing today. My heart goes out to his family and colleagues. As a special tribute, here’s the first of a past 2-part episode of THE CINEFILES that I taped with Jeff Gallashaw where we talked about the career of the legendary John Singleton.

Shaft Set 1999 1Shaft Set 1999


AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS Movie Trailer GoFundMe Campaign

Our journey has just begun. We just launched the crowdfunding campaign to raise money in order to produce a trailer for AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS. Soon to be a feature length western from AJ Epyx Productions. The screenplay recently won “Best Feature Length Screenplay” at the 2019 World Music & Independent Film Festival as well as making semi-finalist status at the Utah Film Festival. To learn more about the project and how you can support, please visit the following link:


Screening Date & Time for THE SAXOPHONIST at the Inspired Faith Film Festival

Our screening for THE SAXOPHONIST at the Inspired Faith Film Festival in Atlanta will take place on FRIDAY, MAY 17th at 6:45pm in Cinema 1 at the Redeemed Christian Fellowship! Get your tickets now at the Inspired Faith website! Possible award nominations to follow.


THE SAXOPHONIST Accepted to the Inspired Faith Film Festival

Happy Jazz Appreciation Month!
We’re going to need a lot more room for festival laurels on our poster because our award-winning short film THE SAXOPHONIST has just been announced to make its ATL screening debut at this year’s Inspired Faith Film Festival! The Christian faith-based event will be held from May 16 – 19 at the Redeemed Christian Fellowship in Marietta, GA. For the ticket information and full schedule of screenings and workshops, visit
Congrats to our cast and crew!

Screening Date Announced for MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT at Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

The full schedule for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival has been released! Milan’s MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT music video will be screening on Saturday, May 11th as part of the “Music Festival” block at 3:30pm. The venue is located in the PRS GUITARS Filmmakers Lounge at the Gershman Y on:

401 S Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
For tickets and more information, visit


PUT HIM IN A BODY BAG! Because Episode 6 of THE SILVER SCREEN ACTION FIGURE PODCAST strikes hard with a look back at Remco’s short-lived toy line from THE KARATE KID. We also discuss the 2014 ReAction line as well as NECA’s latest new releases just in time for the release of the new season of YouTube’s COBRA KAI!

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Intro music by Matthew Hackett

The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – Robocop

DEAD OR ALIVE, YOU’RE COMING WITH US! Episode 5 of THE SILVER SCREEN ACTION FIGURE PODCAST looks back at America’s cyborg crime-fighter in ROBOCOP. Andre´ along with filmmaker Michael Schiavo reflect on the greatness of Paul Verhoven’s 1987 classic which spawn a cap-firing centric action figure line from Kenner as well as the various attempts by other companies to cash in on sequels, remakes, and TV adaptations.

00:48 – Robocop 1987
10:29 – The Animated Series
12:42 – Robocop and the Ultra Police
21:00 – ED-209/ED-260
24:00 – Hasbro’s C.O.P.S.
24:40 – Vehicles
26:50 – Prototypes
30:35 – Robocop 2
33:17 – Robocop 3 and Toy Island
37:29 – Robocop: The Series
43:00 – Robocop: Alpha Commando
49:21 – NECA’s Robocop
50:35 – Robocop 2014
54:20 – Recent Releases and Robocop Returns
58:01 – The Toys We Wish We Had as Kids and Wrap Up

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THE SAXOPHONIST Accepted into the Dumbo Film Festival

Another exciting announcement for our award-winning short film, THE SAXOPHONIST, as it has been accepted into the first annual DUMBO Film Festival! It has been selected for the festivals monthly competition, which means that the film will compete with the other official selections (12 per category) to be the winner of the month. Only the monthly winners will have their screening opportunity as yearly nominees at the 1st DFF annual live screening event (end of October, 2019) and that will be announced on Friday, April 5. Good luck for us and congrats once again to our cast and crew!


Highlights from the 2019 Garden State Film Festival

Great weekend at the Garden State Film Festival! Thank you to everyone who supported our MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT video, congrats to Drew Henriksen and Milan Lazistan for their honors at the awards gala! Very honored to have met CLERKS’ Brian O’Halloran and the various stars and filmmakers this whole weekend. Also a very special thank you to the missing guest at our awards gala table who allowed us to have their steak dinner FOR FREE!!!!!!