A new UPDATE regarding the upcoming film screening of VENDETTA GAMES at the Action on Film/Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival in Las Vegas: We have a new screening date of Wednesday, August 22 in the 2pm screening block. The film will be screened at the Brenden Theaters located in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Tickets have now gone on sale which you can purchase today at the following link:

The Hollywood Dreamz (as well as the Polish Short Films, Low to No, and the Legendary Stunts Entertainment) Dinner and Award Show where Vendetta Games has been nominated for 2 awards will be held on Friday, August 24. Tickets can be purchased here:

The AOF Award Ceremony where the film has 3 award nominations will happen on Saturday, August 25. Red carpet starts at 7pm and is a black tie/formal attire affair. Purchase tickets here:

Vendetta Games Poster 2 copy



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