VENDETTA GAMES Photo Shoot Stills

These are the first of many publicity photos for the upcoming feature film VENDETTA GAMES with photography by the super talented Dez Marie! We resume production next month in parts of NY and NJ. For more info, see the original Indiegogo link!

10333388_1682248278671558_7079909394114746448_o 11053538_1682248265338226_1575389532890938761_o 11856402_1682248262004893_6791897126841352878_o 11872073_10100463994568091_7012971501969341745_o 11874990_1682248295338223_6016308915001177886_o 11889642_10102005810516717_7858987934866241035_n 11895273_1682248305338222_6483720850661058658_o 11918959_1682248328671553_3800732371240747843_o


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