The CineFiles Podcast: Episode 14

In Episode 14 of The CineFiles Podcast, we return from a long Memorial Day Weekend to discuss war movies and what, exactly, defines a “War Movie.” But first we give our thoughts on THE DEAD ZONE, ZOMBEAVERS, REC 4, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, TWO-MINUTE WARNING, STRAIGHT OUTTA BROOKLYN, LEVIATHAN, GIRLHOOD and Jeff’s take on MAGGIE (spoiler: Jeff hated it). Speaking of Jeff, he continues his James Bond experiment by reviewing THE SPY WHO LOVED ME and LIVE AND LET DIE.

We finally focus on our main topic during the second half of Episode 14 and while the usual suspects like PLATOON, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, THE LONGEST DAY, etc., are mentioned we do bring up titles like Peter Jackson’s LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, ZULU, Otto Preminger’s IN HARM’S WAY and some men-on-a-mission flicks like THE GUNS OF NAVARONE and WHERE EAGLES DARE. And so much more. So kick back, take off your combat boots and put your bayonets aside. Please listen, rate on iTunes and tell us what you think.


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