A Very Special Message This Holiday

2014 was an up and down kind of year. I’m blessed to have made some noteworthy accomplishments in my career while learning a lot about myself through the best and worst of times. Though recent events in our country and the world have created a great deal of disunity, we should never lose sight of what’s important when we look into ourselves and the eyes of our loved ones. Honor your families everyday. Now 2015 will have its own significant challenges, especially with changes my life and this very risky career without guarantees. Yet, I don’t want to fear the future as scary as it can be sometimes. My goal in the new year is to become a grown man who can better manage my finances, improve my health habits, give back when I can, and find romance in the right place. I want to become the man that my parents and my late grandparents have always wanted me to be and to reach even closer to my true dreams.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year everyone! Live and love!


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