Model Body Tips by Aesha Episode 1

First episode in a series of fitness and health tips from Aesha Waks. Aesha is an actress (2 best acting awards), singer (band with fiance Liam Mcmullan entitled “THE HOOKERS”), rapper (single deals w/ NYC TRAXX), song writer, poet (3 time award winning along with self entitled poem”NO ONE”recited by me in Angelina Jolie’s movie “LOVE SICK”), book (“MODEL BODY”), screen, comic book writer (“JANE”) dancer, choreographer (“REEL 2 REAL”), model (Playboy, Hightimes cove, Maxim ect.), spokes model (Howard Stern), artist (“RECYCLE”), designer (“JEWISH STAR”), pr agent (“trained by Lizzie Grubman”), manager (“FACTORY NEW”), diet coach, relationship adviser, stylist and casting director (“MTV”). Video produced and directed by Andre´ Joseph.

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