3 years of writing, 3 and 1/2 months of excruciating pre-production, 4 amazing shooting days, and 3 months of post-production. A few times, I almost gave up because of how hard it was to make and a few people tried to discourage me along the way. But a quiet little voice inside me said otherwise. Today, NIGHT STREAM is fully completed and in the can! Thank you to my loving family, my amazing cast and crew, and all the contributors on the Indiegogo page who helped me make this happen big! Now it’s onto the film festival hunt and I’m open to any and all recommendations!


Special Thanks and Announcements to Come

I truly appreciate all the positive feedback on the Night Stream trailer. My cast and crew worked very hard to make this personal project of mine into a reality. Between this and Dishonorable Vendetta coming down the pike soon, I’m hoping this will be the start of something huge!

We also have the long awaited Darkside of Martha music video “LAP DANCE” rolling out sometime in the next 2 weeks or so. Lastly, we’ll be announcing another new short film production early next week. So stay tuned!

NIGHT STREAM Official Trailer is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the official trailer for my upcoming short film, NIGHT STREAM! Hope to make the festival circuit later this year. I appreciate everyone who came through and donated through our Indiegogo campaign as well as those who helped to spread the word around to help make this happen! Thank you and enjoy!