The Official New DISHONORABLE VENDETTA Trailer is Here!

The wait is over.

From Andre’ Joseph, the director of ‘AJ Epyx Productions’ Priceless’ comes a new independent action thriller produced by Cool Multimedia Group and AJ Epyx Productions. The film is currently aiming for a 2012 release.

A Bolivian drug lord’s innocent family gets gunned down by a group of vicious Russian drug dealers led by Vlad Rodchenko and his second in command, Pavel Sidorov. Now it’s up to young but highly skilled DEA agents Keith Miller and Jason Stokes to infiltrate Rodchenko’s cocaine operation in order to take it down from the inside. But when a troubled old relationship, a mysterious DEA mole, and a dark secret from the past jeopardize their assignment, they’ll have to overcome incredible odds without losing their sense of duty and honor.

The film stars Chris Corulla Jr., Andre’ Joseph, J.R. Carter, Frank Sellers, Lisa Marie-Weldon, Albert Albanese III, with Drew Henriksen & introducing Konstantin Soukhovetski. Music by Rico Mancini. Edited by Andre’ Joseph & Rico Mancini. Director of Photography Clint Higgins. 1st AD Albert Albanese III. Executive Produced by Mark Altman, Rico Mancini, & Alfred C. Joseph. Written, Produced, and Directed by Andre’ Joseph.

Copyright 2012 Cool Multimedia Group & AJ Epyx Productions, LLC.

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