Dishonorable Vendetta Production Status January 2012

To all of our cast, crew, and fans of DV, I am happy to report that we are now in the final stages of post-production and that we are now gearing up for an official premiere date sometime in the SUMMER OF 2012! As we speak, my producing partner Rico Mancini and I are putting the final touches on the last crucial scene of the movie and starting audio work for the entire film. Over the course of the next 4 months as we finish post-production and hold a private test screening to get final feedback from our main cast as crew, we will be rolling out a brand new movie poster of DV, new interviews and still pictures from the film, and of course a BRAND NEW TRAILER this coming spring. We’re also looking into distribution outlets so we can get the film out publicly by year’s end.

As for now, the world premiere date and venue are currently TBA. But it will happen this very summer. So stay tuned!

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