Dishonorable Vendetta Press Release


“Revenge is an addiction.”

Keith Miller (CHRIS CORULLA, JR.) used to be the best in his job as an undercover DEA agent. Now he’s a distraught man who prefers to live a lonely existence following the brutal murder of his wife. His personal leave is cut short, however, when the Bolivian drug lord he was investigating along with his family get killed in their home.

Miller gets reassigned to his more cautious but skillful partner, Jason Stokes (ANDRE’ JOSEPH). The two agents learn of a massive stash of cocaine that was taken from the drug lord’s house and manage to link the murder to a vicious, competitive Russian drug lord named Vlad Rodchenko (FRANK SELLERS). The DEA works in co-junction with the FBI to form an operation where Miller and Stokes go undercover to infiltrate Rodchenko’s empire and bring him down from the inside.

But the operation is put into jeopardy in various ways including Miller’s instability, his strained relationship with fellow agent and former lover Samantha Torres (LISA MARIE-WELDON), and the presence of a mysterious leak in the DEA who works closely with Rodchenko. What follows from there is an unraveling mystery full of bizarre twists, turns, and betrayals that lead towards a dangerous and bloody climax.

AJ Epyx Productions, LLC presents “Dishonorable Vendetta,” the latest film effort of Andre’ Joseph, the director and star of AJ Epyx Productions’ “Priceless.” An exciting dramatic thriller, the film stars Chris Corulla, Jr., Andre’ Joseph, J.R. Carter, Frank Sellers, Lisa Marie-Weldon, Konstantin Soukhovetski, Drew Henriksen, Albert Albanese III, Julio Vincent Gambuto, and Lou Kodza. Written and Directed by Andre’ Joseph, the film is produced by Joseph along with Albert Albanese III with Alfred C. Joseph, Rico Mancini, and Marc Ryan as Executive Producers. Director of Photography is Clint Higgins. Rico Mancini of Cool Music Inc will compose the original music.

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Copyright 2009 AJ Epyx Productions, LLC

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