Tasha Perri & Andre’ Joseph while filming “Priceless” at Daisy’s Trophy World at 53 Van Duzer St.

Although this is only a year old, I gotta post it here:

Stapletonite to screen first full-length feature at Tribeca Cinemas

Andre’ Joseph thinks he’s got a real gem on his hand.

The 25-year-old Stapleton filmmaker, who’s been polishing his act on short films for years, is making his big screen debut tomorrow in Manhattan.

“I wanted to twist the James Bond concept of a world travel man who goes on fantastic adventures and gets involved with exotic women,” says Joseph, the writer-director and star of “Priceless,” his first full-length feature. “In this case, it’s a world travel man who returns home to get involved with the girl next door.”

The proud Emerson College grad said he was also inspired by great crime films with a romantic twist, namely “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Grosse Pointe Blank” and “The Thomas Crown Affair.” Filmed in locations across Staten Island last summer, “Priceless” features local actors, a musical score by Bernard Purdie and Rob Papparozzi, and songs by Aesha Waks (“Romp”) and Off-White Trash (“Rock Dance”).

“Andre’ and I have been making short films with our friends for years and kept talking about the day we would make a big film to get our names out there through the film festivals — this was it,” says producer Albert Albanese III, 23, of Grant City.

Joseph and Albanese are aiming to enter “Priceless” in the SINY, Tribeca and American Black film fests in 2009.

The plot revolves around Lando (Joseph), a jewel thief whose into “fast cars, fast women, and a fast track to nowhere in life.” Spotted during an attempted heist of a ruthless Russian mobster (Twisted Sister’s A.J. Pero), Lando hustles back to Staten Island where he grew up to hide and relocate his high school sweetheart, single mom Diana (Tasha Perri).

He struggles to rekindle his old flame while the Russian mob breathes down his neck. What will become of Lando and Diana, and what revenge will Koskov seek on Lando?

Find out when “Priceless” premieres Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. at Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick St. in Manhattan. Visit for more information.

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