The Myspace Swan Song

As of Sept. 23, this may well be my last blog… for myspace at least. Having a myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and most recently a Blogger page is a lot of work to handle and at this point something has to go. For now, I plan to keep the myspace page around for a bit unless my friends list drops down to zero. The pages for “Priceless” and “Dishonorable Vendetta” will still remain intact. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, this site is beginning to go the way of WCW or even the Playstation 2.

Speaking of my new film, Dishonorable Vendetta, people have been inquiring about the progress of the film and want to know more about it. Despite having put up various behind the scenes pics, I haven’t even begun to spoil any real major details about the film. I will add a few quick points:

– The central plot is being kept secret. Some may already know by now. But for the general public, it’s an action film about DEA agents infiltrating a group of murderous drug lords.

– We’ve been filming since August and once the weather really begins to drop, there will be a hiatus until Spring 2010 when production will continue.

– The imdb page hasn’t been set up yet. Once we get a few media blurbs, it should pop up very soon.

– No additional screencaps/screenshots will be released until my new AJ Epyx page is created.

– Extras will definitely be needed for upcoming shooting dates. Message me your info.

– Target release date: “WHEN IT’S DONE”!

On that note, the myspace blog is done. I wish it well on its future endeavors.

The Myspace Era
August 2005 – September 2009

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