NIGHT STREAM Announces Cinematographer & Assistant Director

The Night Stream team is proud to announce the additions of BRAD BURKE as our Director of Photography and superstar filmmaker ADAM CHINOY as our 1st Assistant Director!

Brad is a Detroit native who graduated from Full Sail University. His credits range from a variety of jobs as a Production Assistant and Gaffer on commercials for GMAC Finance, NatGeo, and MTV as well as a number of music video credits. Night Stream will be the first of many projects for Brad who is making the transition to cinematography. You can view his reel below:

Brad Burke Reel from Tim Ringwood on Vimeo.

Adam graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University, FDU, in their Electronic Filmmaking Program, spring 2005. Storytelling and art has always been the biggest part of his life, and throughout his years at FDU, Adam had learned how to make movies and how to take his art and storytelling to a new level. Currently, Adam has been taking on freelance jobs; doing random jobs of being a Gaffer, DP and Final Cut Pro editor. He has worked for companies like My Good Eye, Moxie Pictures, and Fencesitter Films. He operates his own production company GREEN GECKO FILMS and his work can be viewed by clicking his picture:

We have 50 days left to meet our minimum goal to raise appropriate funds for the project on Indiegogo. Any small donations or referrals will help greatly to reach the goal by the end of February and you will be rewarded for your contributions. Please check out the link with video for more information. Thank you!


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