The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – Custom Action Figures Discussion

THE SILVER SCREEN ACTION FIGURE PODCAST breaks away from the world of movie-licensed toys and into the craze of customized action figures in this brand new episode featuring host Andre´ Joseph and co-host Albert Albanese! The boys tell their stories about creating and purchasing their own custom wrestling figures, the designers they met along the way, the discovery of customs for Star Wars action figures, and even the creation of their own custom movie toys! Lastly, they get into the recent news of Toys R Us coming back to business!

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TEMPTED Cast & Crew on The Non-Productive Loud Idiots Podcast

For those of you who missed it last month, you can now listen to the entire podcast of The Non-Productive Loud Idiots which features the cast and crew of Tempted as they discuss the film prior to its premiere at the Garden State Film Festival! Very special thanks to Ken Smith for having us on. Click on the pic below to listen now.


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