DISMISSAL TIME Screening Date Announced

After weeks of anxiously waiting, we finally received the screening schedule for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival! Our screening for Dismissal Time is listed under “Political Dynamics (Political Filmmaking)” and the information is as follows:

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

Screening Block Time: 3:00pm – 4:45pm

SeraPhi Screening Room

941 N. Front Street

Philadelphia, PA 19123

General admission tickets for a single screening block are $10. You can purchase any ticket options at FilmFreeway. More info about the festival can be found at the PIFF official website. Hope to see you there!

DISMISSAL TIME Accepted to Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

I’m very happy to announce that Dismissal Time has been accepted to screen at this year’s Philadelphia Independent Film Festival happening June 6th – 11th! Further announcements to follow. Congrats to our whole team and to those who supported us along the way!

THE SAXOPHONIST Premiere Event Video

These are highlights from the official world premiere of the AJ Epyx Productions short film, THE SAXOPHONIST. The premiere was held at Brooklyn Fete on May 4, 2018 with live jazz music performed by the film’s star Beavin Lawrence and the Beautiful People Band.

Shot by Michael Schiavo.

Find out more about the film at ajepyx1.wixsite.com/ajepyxthesaxophonist

THE SAXOPHONIST Premiere Event Video from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.



This is the Q&A portion of THE SAXOPHONIST short film premiere following the screening on May 4, 2018 at Brooklyn Fete in Brooklyn, NY. We’ll have more highlights from last week’s event coming soon!

Featuring actors Beavin Lawrence, Nadya Encarnacion, Ron’Netta, Jarett Smithwrick, Zoiea Ohizep, Ronnie Caldwell, assistant director Albert Albanese III, ballet choreographer Joan Adams, assistant camera Stephen Taylor, and writer/director Andre´ Joseph.
Shot by Michael Schiavo.

Find out more about the film at ajepyx1.wixsite.com/ajepyxthesaxophonist

THE SAXOPHONIST Premiere Q&A from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.


Pics from THE SAXOPHONIST World Premiere

A huge special thank you to everyone who attended our magical Saxophonist premiere! We’re very blessed with the positive reception we’ve received on the film. There’s still a lot of work to be done going forward. And for anyone who missed it last night, we’ll be screening again at Brooklyn High School of the Arts this coming Wednesday at 6pm!

IMG_0352IMG_0357Sax Premiere 01Sax Premiere 02Sax Premiere 03Sax Premiere 04Sax Premiere 05

THE SAXOPHONIST Article in the Staten Island Advance

Posted today was a nice article piece about THE SAXOPHONIST in writer/director Andre´ Joseph’s hometown newspaper, the Staten Island Advance. You can read the full article at this SILive link today. THE SAXOPHONIST premieres tomorrow night at Brooklyn Fete (1515 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226) at 7:30pm. This is a free event featuring live jazz music from the film’s star Beavin Lawrence and the Beautiful People band! RSVP here. The film will also be screening next Wednesday, May 9 at the Brooklyn High School of the Arts at 6:00pm.

Sax Premiere Invite


Special Message from THE SAXOPHONIST Writer/Director Andre´ Joseph

We are a week away from the first screening of what I consider to be my most personal film to date, The Saxophonist. When I wrote the original draft of the script 13 years ago, I would have never dreamed of how important it was going to be for my career. As I reflect on the years leading up to this moment, I feel very humbled by how far this project has come.

I had the privilege of seeing legends like Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter perform live at Carnegie Hall; Wynton Marsalis at Lincoln Center; Stanley Clarke with Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten at the Nokia Theater; and Lou Donaldson with Dr. Lonnie Smith at the Village Vanguard. The latter of those shows was one where I attended with my late stepdad, Addison Branch, Jr., the man I consider to have introduced me to jazz in the first place. Their instruments spoke to my soul in ways that popular music never did as each artist projected their own story through the music.

There was always a burning desire to make a film with a real jazz soundtrack since I was in high school. It was only after taking a History of Jazz course at Emerson College that I found part of the inspiration I needed for the foundation of the story. In this case, I wanted to tell a romantic tale that mirrored my own personal struggles as an artist and I felt that the saxophone had a distinct kind of feeling that can be uplifting, somber, and sexy all at once. With every new draft that I wrote, more of my own personal experiences were incorporated to increase the reality of the tale.

The decision to finally put this film on screen was made two years ago after a very dark period of my life where I needed a strong feel-good story to give me hope again. Even in the most divisive times that we live in today, there’s so much that this film has to offer in the celebration of jazz music as well as having African-American characters that young audiences can look up to as role models. I truly believe I found such a role model in Beavin Lawrence who is without question one of the most generous people I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Being a talented saxophone player as well as a strong advocate for underprivileged kids are just some of his many incredible traits. It is through this film that I can honestly say I found a brother for life.

Whether it’s screening the trailer at the Emerson LA Film Festival or doing a sit-down interview with WBLS legend Jeff Foxx, it had been such an exciting time with every opportunity to promote this film. But the true recognization should also be extended to the crew and my actors Nadya Encarnacion, Michael Anthony Roberts, Ann Flanigan, Ron’Netta, Zoiea Ohizep, Ronnie Caldwell, and Jarett Smithwrick. These extraordinary actors went out of their way to work as hard as they could to breathe life into their characters and to instill confidence in Beavin who was making his acting debut. For that, I am grateful to each of them. I extend the same thanks to the New York Foundation for the Arts for all of their support and guidance with their fiscal sponsorship which added more credibility to the project.

Now The Saxophonist will make its way out for the world to see. A project so personal to the extent that I expect no monetary gain or feel any validation by any film festival award wins. The true victory I hope to gain from this film is if it inspires at least one person out there to pick up a musical instrument or a camera and tell their story wherever they can. Just be true to yourself. Then the success will follow.

Andre´ Joseph
Writer/Director, The Saxophonist

THE SAXOPHONIST premieres on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 7:30pm at Brooklyn Fete (1515 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226) followed by very special LIVE JAZZ PERFORMANCE by the film’s star Beavin Lawrence and his quintet. This event will be open to the public.
RSVP today at our Facebook invite link here.

Sax Premiere Invite

THE SAXOPHONIST Jazz Monthly Article

A brand new featured article for THE SAXOPHONIST has been published at Jazz Monthly! There you can view the production notes and watch our trailer. A featured interview will be published in the coming weeks. Read the article now at the following link: https://www.jazzmonthly.com/the-saxophonist/

Don’t forget that the trailer will be screened exclusively at the Emerson College Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday, April 14 at 5:30pm at Raleigh Studios Hollywood as part of the EBONI Showcase: Collaboration: Vision and Artistry.

And lastly, our world premiere is exactly ONE MONTH from today! RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/779208478942580/


THE SAXOPHONIST World Premiere set for May 4, 2018!

Finally the announcement you have all been waiting for: THE SAXOPHONIST will finally make its world premiere on Friday, May 4, 2018 at 7:30pm! The premiere will be held at Brooklyn Fete in Brooklyn, NY where we shot parts of the film and held our initial auditions and rehearsals. Cast and crew will be present. Cocktails will be served and as a special treat, we will have a very special LIVE JAZZ PERFORMANCE by the film’s star Beavin Lawrence and his quintet.
This event will be open to the public. A suggested donation via our fiscal sponsor, the New York Foundation for the Arts, will be appreciated for supporting our fundraising efforts towards film festival entry fees and marketing costs as we proceed to tour this film not only at festivals but also special speaking engagements in schools, community centers, and churches across the country.
RSVP today at our Facebook invite link here. Hope to see you there!
And as a friendly reminder for those of you in the Los Angeles area, you can register today for the Emerson Los Angeles Film Festival where a special screening of the film’s trailer will be presented as part of the EBONI Showcase portion of the event. Showtime begins at 5:30pm and will be held at Raleigh Studios Hollywood. Register here!

THE SAXOPHONIST Short Film Trailer from AJ Epyx Productions on Vimeo.

Sax Premiere Invite

Andre´ Joseph Red Carpet Interview at Urban Action Showcase

Check out the red carpet interview with writer/director Andre´ Joseph at the 3:36 mark from the Urban Action Showcase last month where Vendetta Games premiered!