Sights and Thoughts from AOF & NY Jazz Film Festival

For AJ Epyx Productions, this was a very exciting week all around. First, we had the Action on Film/Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival in Las Vegas where VENDETTA GAMES was screened. Between the Las Vegas setting and the festival atmosphere, we had such a blast in meeting new filmmakers (as well as ANTONIO FARGAS of “Starsky and Hutch”) to network with and enjoyed many of the films we saw. The award shows are so much fun and full of class all around. Del and Theresa Weston make all fellow filmmakers feel welcomed and embraced to be part of the AOF family. Though we didn’t win any of the awards we were up for, we gained so much insight and inspiration coming out of this festival. We’re truly thankful for the recognition.

Next up was last night’s New York Jazz Film Festival Awards event held at the legendary Paris Blues in Harlem. We were honored to accept the “Best Film” award for THE SAXOPHONIST with yours truly and star Beavin Lawrence in attendance. This was a great night for live music and meeting the fellow filmmakers and honorees who are doing their part in keeping jazz alive. We highly recommend that you support their films as well as ours by visiting the NYJFF Facebook page where you can watch all the films between now through Friday. Special thank you to Gregory Royal for this wonderful opportunity to have our film shown worldwide and all of our supporters including our fiscal sponsor, the New York Foundation for the Arts.



The award winning feature length action film Dishonorable Vendetta is now available on DVD at Amazon just in time for the holiday season! It can be yours today for $10.99 by clicking on the Amazon link and we also have other titles on DVD there including the short films Night Stream and Tempted. Don’t forget you can stream Dishonorable Vendetta at Vimeo on Demand where all the bonus features that couldn’t fit on the DVD are available.

10 Days Remaining on VENDETTA GAMES Movie Kickstarter

We have exactly 10 days left to reach the minimum goal for Vendetta Games movie campaign on Kickstarter that we almost made previously. Currently standing at 80%, we just need $500 to make it happen or else we do not collect the funds at all. So we are offering 2 new rewards:

– If 500 people here can pledge at least $1 to the campaign, we will send you a customized poker chip from the movie.

– Pledge $5 or more, we will send you a CUSTOMIZED FREE BEER MUG. Current standing backers will have this included in your rewards.

Please support in the remaining time we have left by going to this Kickstarter link now!

VENDETTA GAMES Rose Wang Interview and UASE Award

Check out this interview with Vendetta Games line producer Yu “Rose” Wang about her personal attachment to the movie:

We are also happy to announce again that DISHONORABLE VENDETTA, the film that preceded Vendetta Games, was a winner in the feature film category at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo which was sponsored by Cinemax and held at AMC Theaters in NYC two weeks ago. We are very proud of the achievement and we hope for even more accolades for Vendetta Games in the near future!


Please continue to support us in reaching our minimum goal again in these remaining 12 days left! If you have already pledged, please share the Kickstarter link as much as you possibly can! Thank you!

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