The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast – An Interview with Richard of Fox’s LEGO MASTERS

We finally release the long awaited interview with my cousin Richard “DJ Treats” Dryden to discuss his amazing experience last year on Fox’s LEGO Masters and his love for all things Lego! This is an hour long discussion about Richard’s early beginnings as a Lego collector, the art and culture of Lego, and how that interest turned him into a contestant on the show. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Follow us on Twitter @silverscreenaf1 and “Like” us on Facebook @silverscreenafpod See more info about Andre´ Joseph’s films at and follow on Twitter and Instagram @ajepyx. Comment and make suggestions for future episodes here or to Follow Richard on Instagram @treatise and on Twitter @iamdjtreats.


After a long hiatus, The Silver Screen Action Figure Podcast returns for the first episode of 2021. This latest edition takes a detour into television with the 80s sci-fi classic V. Host Andre’ Joseph of AJ Epyx Productions looks at the prototypes for the abandoned LJN action figure line, the famous 12 inch doll, the recent Funko Pops, and so much more. There’s also an important announcement about the future of the podcast as well.

Follow us on Twitter @silverscreenaf1 and “Like” us on Facebook! See more info about Andre´ Joseph’s films at and follow on Twitter and Instagram @ajepyx. Comment and make suggestions for future episodes here or to

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Please Support the GoFundMe Fundraiser for CALCULATED EGOS

We recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise production funds for the pilot episode of our upcoming crime drama web series, CALCULATED EGOS, a co-production of Source Life Entertainment. We are aiming to shoot around NYC this summer and need all the support possible to run a smooth and safe production for our cast and crew.

To contribute and see all the reward tiers, visit the GoFundMe campaign link here.

For the full background of the project, please check out our official website.

Follow us on Instagram @calculatedegos 

See the new teaser trailer below as well as the pitch video:


From the maker of Skillshare’s NO-BUDGET FILMMAKING FOR BEGINNERS and THE INDIE FILM EXHIBITION MASTERCLASS comes this brand new course for novice writers to put their ideas together into a short film or a web series: SHORT FILM AND WEBISODE SCREENWRITING FOR BEGINNERS hosted by award-winning filmmaker, Andre’ Joseph.

This class achieves the following:

– Writing screenplays for short films and web series formats.

– Class is for aspiring novice screenwriters who have that great idea that they want to make themselves or to pitch to producers, investors, networks, and executives.

– For short films, this class is useful in simplifying your story to the most crucial scenes and character development in a tight 3-act structure. For web series, you will be able to understand how to formulate story and character arcs that take place over the course of several episodes while keeping the audience engaged.

– Either Final Draft or CeltX are the most highly recommended materials for completing the Class Project where you get to write your short script or webisode pilot.

Enroll today:

Limit 70 by Kevin MacLeod



Andre Joseph Guest Appearance on UNFINISHED BUSINESS: EPISODE 9/13/20

I just reunited with my Cinefiles pal Jeff Gallashaw on this quarantine edition of Unfinished Business TELEVISION to discuss the latest in movies and television. Among the topics:

The passing of Chadwick Boseman

John Boyega and his Star Wars comments. As well as the controversies of the sequels.

Cobra Kai – The Series.

The career of actor Larry B. Scott.

The academy awards diversity rules.

Movie theaters reopening.

The fresh prince of bel air – dramatic reboot.

The CineFiles Podcast: Episode 21

After a slight delay due to technical difficulties, The CineFiles Podcast is back with an all new episode discussing the effect internet entertainment has had on our ability to view media. We also delve into the the story telling potential of digital media. Additional new reviews include MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION, EX MACHINA, ANITA, GOING CLEAR, the WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER television series, and so much more. Rate and comment on us on iTunes!